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I've written this book because I've been struggling with my weight for years. I did all the diets that are out there, even tried to starve myself. But in the end, it didn't work in the long run and I gained all my weight back. Sure, some had some minor success, but it wasn't sustainable. It wasn't something I could do for the rest of my life.

Until I discovered this secret, hidden in plain sight.

Because fasting is natural, we already do it every day when we sleep. And all kinds of biological processes go to work when you don't eat.

There's tons of scientific research to show that there are many health benefits to fasting in a structured manner. And my personal results did all the convincing for me. I was able to lose 30lbs (15 kg) in about 3 months' time, and even after a year, they're still off. Because I can keep doing this, without going back to old habits.

Is it hard?

No, it's not hard. Because you're already doing it every day. So the way to do it is to stretch it up and teach your biological process the new way to work. Anyone can do this!

In this book 'Lose Weight Fast' you will find everything you need to know about fasting, to use it for your weight loss journey. How to start, why it works, how it works, and what to do to optimize it.

Use the biology of your body to turn the tables. It has made you fat, so let's lose the fat in those same conditions.

Lose Weight Fast is the ultimate starters guide to understand the principles of fasting and how it helps you lose your weight, fast.

This is what some of my readers wrote:

"The writing style is funny and serious at the same time. It really gave me a good insight into how fasting works and why it works so well."

"Lost weight very fast, just like the title says!"

This book is meant to change lives. Not to go on another diet, but find a way to work with food (any food), that makes your biological process work for you, instead of against you.

  • You will read exactly what to do to start in a healthy way
  • What not to do to make it more effective
  • What to do when it's getting harder,
  • What happens in your biology so you understand better what's happening
  • How to combine it whit your lifestyle and food choices
  • What food types are the best to combine

I've paid hundreds of dollars to gym memberships, that didn't work. Thousands on dieting programs, that, in the end, didn't work. Spend hundreds of dollars on more expensive 'healthy' food, that didn't work.

This actually saves me money.

Because fasting = not eating. Not eating = not buying that food. So it is literally saving you cash. And it will make you lose weight in the most healthy and natural way you can imagine.

Now, when I talked to my publisher he wanted to take this to the bookstores and price it at $37. Now I think that is a reasonable price for a physical book with all the bells and whistles on it. But let's be real. It's not about the glossy front side, it's about the content. So you're getting it from my special price, which I know is a lot more worth than $27 if I'd had to teach you this one-on-one. But that's the beauty of writing.

It is yours to read at your time and place that suits you best. For just $27 you can start applying all the golden nuggets in this book to make you lose your weight that never worked before.

And even if you have already some experience with fasting, but just want to know more in-depth what's happening, this book is for you too.

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[thrive_toggles title="Excerpt from Chapter 1" no="1/1"] 1.    Lose weight fast!

Being overweight, it’s a problem worldwide. It’s the silent pandemic that is going on for years already, and it seems to get only worse. Diets have become an industry of its own, next to the multi-trillion food industry, that kind of keeps the problem alive.
Most people get too fat, not because of a lack of willpower, wanting to eat healthier, or not moving enough. Studies show that people in the last 10 years actually did move more, and looked for healthier food. Well, that type of food is presented as healthy.
But there is also a lot of misconceptions about food and how to lose weight. Move more, eat less, is one of them. Calorie in vs calorie out is another one. They are just slogans with half-truths. Because our body is not only physics. It’s biology.
So you became fat, because of that biology, and you can also lose weight when you also use that biology. It may sound simple, and that’s because it is. Is it easy? Well, no, not if you don’t understand the biology.
No creams, powders, shakes, or meal plans, that are not related to how your biology work, works. They can’t. We can’t cheat gravity with other science than physics, right? Well, the same goes for biology.

Okay, you want proof that it’s not a willpower problem? Sure. Let’s try to beat biology with willpower: Hold your breath for 15 minutes. What, you can’t? What’s wrong with your willpower then?
Ah, your body doesn’t allow you, right? Biology took over from willpower. Biology won. And so goes for your food issue. It is NOT your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you. Even better, you are perfectly normal. Because the biology did what it’s supposed to do.
But more on that later.

Move more, eat less
Let’s debunk that. When you move more, you burn more, right? That sounds logical and in measured calories, you do use more. But what happens when you eat less and move more? Your metabolism NEEDS to turn its burning rate down, because there’s less fuel coming in, while it needs to burn more. So, you only lose some weight the first couple of days, because your metabolism needs to adapt. You hit a plateau very soon and won’t lose any weight anymore.
Besides, if you run for 20 minutes, huffing and puffing, you’re only burning glucose, and not fat. And glucose comes from the carbs you’ve eaten the last meal. Great. You burned part of your lunch.
What uses most of your consumed energy in a day? Your brain and your other organs, like your heart, your liver and your kidneys. Even your digestive system, needs energy too. Most of your energy you use in a day, is not because you move or don’t move.
Have you ever measured how much kcal you’ve burned after a 30-minute walk? Around 150-200kcal, depending on your body weight, age etc. 200kcal? That’s for many less than 10% of their total usage in a day. So if you really want to lose weight by moving more, you have to burn a lot more calories than those 200 with your daily walk. Extremely more. Like working out 7 days a week for 2 hours a day or more. Then it starts making sense. But, then we have to deal with the next myth, calorie in vs calorie out. Because if you chose this option, you need not only the extreme exercise, you also need the right type of food. Otherwise, you’ll do more damage than good.
NOTE: I’m not saying you shouldn’t move (more). Regular exercise IS good for us, for many reasons. But losing weight isn’t the primary one, even though gyms and personal trainers want to make you believe so. Just look at the biology.

Calorie in vs calorie out
Yes, we take calories in, and burn them. But again, the so-called ‘metabolic rate’ plays a role there too (how fast does it ‘burn’ your food). And your body isn’t counting calories, like you are. It measures the TYPE of food that’s coming in and what it can do with it, not the number of calories that are in there.
Is it energy in the form of glucose? Like carbs? Is it the building blocks you use to build and maintain your tissue, organs, muscle, skin etc? Like protein? Or is it fat that could be used to store for later use OR to build your cells and maintain your brain? Or is it minerals, metals, vitamins, that have all their own specific functions? See? Your body isn’t physics only. It’s Biology at first. All food is, is a source for your body to be alive, grow and maintain. That’s it. That is the ONLY function of food (from your biology standpoint).
What about taste? And social roles? And how did you feel after you ate chocolate?
Taste is a tool to decide what you prefer to eat. And if it’s inviting to eat more of it when available. It’s a tool. Not a goal. We have MADE it a goal, but biological speaking, it’s just a tool.

So, then what? 
How can we use this biology to lose weight in a healthy way?
Diets existed for many decades. But a diet isn’t really working if it’s trying to fix a symptom. Or when it’s been seen as a quick fix for a current problem (the overweight).
We have a lifestyle. We are used to eating certain types of food. We eat almost everything out of habits. We have our routines in the morning for our breakfast, we know what we like having for lunch and dinner, well, we all have our 4-5 go-to recipes for cooking dinner right?
Having more recipes isn’t the case here. I just want to make the point, that we operate on habits. And going on a ‘diet’ is going against these habits. All of a sudden, you notice how much you crave for a piece of chocolate. How you really love your glass of wine at your diner. Or your beer when you come home from a long day at work.
And the diets all claim: NO, you can’t have that. Or that. Or that. There’s often a LONG list of all the things you can’t eat anymore.
Now how does that feel? Inspiring? Is it helping your willpower?
That is why most diets don’t work in the long term.
Because they don’t address the... -end excerpt-[/thrive_toggles]

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