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About Maurice Zondag

​Maurice Zondag (1973) is the founder of Master Your Personality. An online and offline platform where he helps people to find and create their own happiness again by being their coach, trainer or mentor. After going through a tough divorce, that lead to loosing his home, financial debt and brought him to a nearly suicidal depression, he decided that things needed to change, drastically. He worked his way back and had this breakthrough moment one day, that he describes as if he could see the matrix of life. That is how he discovered the 5 Sources of Happiness – the hidden treasures anyone has within ​themselves. 5 pillars you can use to take back control in your happiness, find your purpose and live your life by your own design, just like he did and still does today.  

Since then he has made it his life purpose to help people like you to take back control in life ​and ​live it on your terms. All of his free content is available right here for you to start learning. ​

​Maurice ​is an international appreciated ​speaker at international conferences (like TEDx)​, ​works as a personality coach with clients one-on-one and uses the power of the internet to help people all over the world with his online webinars, courses and masterclasses. ​As a stage performer, director, creative writer, student of NLP, body language, psychology, sociology and life in general, he stays curious to continues improvement of life, by taking control over his own happiness. His work is inspired by the great minds of people he sees as his mentors, people like Milton Erickson, ​​​Tony Robins, Robin Sharma, Tai Lopez, Mike Dillard, Timothy Ferris, Simon Sinek, Neil Strauss, Mark Manson and many more. 

He invites you to join his path for mutual growth and your own happiness.