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Ignite the Irresistible You!

“Ignite the Irresistible You!” is the name of my brand new seminar that will run for the first time on June 23rd in Hotel Nootdorp-Den Haag. And I’m so excited!

This program is unique in it’s kind. For 4 hours we let you go through ups and downs to awaken your inner power, and show you the way you can take back control in your love life. Just like I did after my divorce (only it took me 4 years instead of 4 hours to do so).

We made it available for only 50 people to attend, because we don’t want this to be some anonymous big event. Intimate and effective is the key. We will take you to your peak state and teach you how you can transform the self-limiting beliefs (we all have them) into your empowering beliefs. And I know the power of this, I mean I’ve learned this from the master Mr. Tony Robbins years ago, back when I studied NLP.

But that’s not it. We will make sure you learn the techniques and insights I’ve learned the hard way (at least some of them – I did have my mentors and coaches on this too) about how to become the most attractive version of yourself. How attraction works and how you can make a true impact on your love life. Life will never be the same.

So, since the number of seats is limited, I want you to make sure you take advantage of this early notice. The page has just gone live. Look and buy your Gold Ticket here: We have kept the price at the crazy low level of just € 27 (early bird price!( for a Gold Ticket. Yes, gold. Because we don’t go for silver or bronze. We want the outstanding result, so we go for no less than gold.

I will see you the 23rd of June!



Want to be happy? Here’s the secret

A lot of people ask me, since I am a coach that lets you find and create happiness, what the secret is to be happy.

Well, it’s not really a secret when I tell you, is it? But okay, we don’t have to make it more mysterious than it already is.

The secret to being happy is that there is no secret. We all know how to be happy.

Go figure. When was the last time you felt happy? What situation were you in? Who was or were with you? What were you doing?

Tell me in the comments what that was. That thing that makes you feel happy.

So we already know what makes us happy. We already know what to do that makes us happy.

The real question we should ask, is how can we create that same situation in such a way that we can summon it any time a day we want or desire a bit of happiness.

Let’s see what happens in a situation where you are happy.

Chances are you were doing something you really enjoy doing, feel confident about, in a place you know what to do. In other words, you were in your comfort zone. The well known zone where you feel safe, comfortable (hence the name), confident, secure and in control.

So the comfort zone is a place where we can feel happy. Even if going out of your comfort zone is what you love to do, that is in its own version part of your comfort zone 😉.

So think about all the things that you would categorize as your comfort zone. Anything. That’s your option list you can choose from to get that feeling of happiness.

So let me share a couple of things of my comfort zone list.

  • Playing piano or guitar
  • Playing tennis with friends
  • Being around the woman I love
  • Being together with my family
  • Doing a talk on an event
  • Driving my car
  • Acting in a play
  • Coaching my clients
  • Reading at home

It’s just a small part of my complete list, but just to illustrate how easy it really is to find the things that make you happy, just sum up all things you really like or love. The things that are in your comfort zone.

So your comfort zone is a big happiness generator!

Now, if we want to create more happiness in our life, or more control over our happiness, what do you think we need to do?

Right. Increase our comfort zone.

That is why self-development is so important – and one of the sources of happiness.

Because with self-development we step into the learning zone, just outside our comfort zone. And by learning new skills or experiences, we grow our comfort zone into that learning zone. Which creates a new learning zone that used to be part of the scary Panic zone – right behind the learning zone.

If I am able to grow my comfort zone, I can actually create a bigger happiness list. So when shit hits the fan in my life, I got a massive list to cherry pick from with things that make me happy. To balance out the negative, unhappy shit in my life.

So the secret to a happy life, is that there is no secret, because you already know what that is. The key in life, to live a more happy life, is just to increase the list. The comfort zone.

And the way to do that, is what you’re doing exactly right now. By reading this. Learn. And there is so much to learn. For all of us. There is still more you don’t know than things you do know. So keep it up, so will I happily do too.



No, this is not about my racing experience. Although that would be fun to do. Coaching how to speed.

No this was an event I was part of yesterday. Together with a couple of other coaches, people could speed-date with a coach.

The concept is rather brilliant. When you are looking for a coach, could be in any line of expertise, you can find them at an event like this. You can hear him or her talk about what they do, you get a feel of them, and if you like what you see, you can leave your email and name with them to contact you for an intake or one-on-one session.

The concept was developed by a good friend of mine, Johann Stan, and he organizes this types of events in the area of Den Haag. Yesterday’s event was facilitated by PDTalks, in Amsterdam and the fun thing is that people that come there are already in the right mindset to learn.

It’s so much fun meeting all these great people and see their eagerness to grow and develop themselves, that it made me wonder. This should be something we ALL should want. Finding a mentor or a coach to help you get where you want to go. To find someone that is already there where you want to go, and has been where you are now.

It’s one of the (many) wise lessons I’ve learned from Tony Robbins: Model successful people how they got there. Learn from the mistakes of others. The easiest way is by visiting an event like this and meeting the coaches and mentors in real life. Be specific in your desires, and focus on that. The result will amaze you.



PS: Interested? The next event will be May 24th in Den Haag, (the entry is even free of charge, so there’s no excuse not to come!) Check for more info: 

Working out sucks!

Every Tuesday morning I work out with a personal trainer. I like this guy. He pushes me to the limit I otherwise wouldn’t reach.

I’ve had gym memberships several times in the past. Because I know working out is good for me. So with a fresh start, discipline in my back pocket, I subscribe for a new membership at some local gym. They persuaded me because they had a red logo, because they have gadget machines so workouts are more fun, because the girl behind the counter was nice, there were many reasons. But never the right one.


I mean, working out just sucks. I don’t like it. I don’t feel better afterward, hell no, I’m wasted afterwards! Everything hurts, my body is exhausted, I feel hungry and lightheaded. But I know it is good for me.

But when the balance scale drops to the ‘It sucks’ side, you quit. I have quit many times. Always actually. I do understand it is good for me, but my general feeling was: ‘hell with it’. So with only discipline, I didn’t last. Because ‘discipline’ is actually punishing yourself for the greater good. So when it’s just me who decides what workouts I should do and when to go, I don’t go at all.

So I knew I had to change my approach. And that’s why I hired someone now to be my discipline. Someone that overrules the voice in my head. When I think it is enough, he pushes me to the limit. Call it peer pressure, call it weak that I don’t have the discipline to do it myself, I call it smart. When you know where you flake and still know you should do it, hire someone that does it for you.

Now, the best option would be that he does the exercises for me and I build the muscle. But since that is not the case, this is the best solution. He can be the voice in my head that does push me to go all in.

And then something funny happens. I’m doing this now for two months, and I’m feeling result! I feel stronger, more fit and have more energy! So it is working! And now motivation begins to grow.

And motivation combined with discipline is the golden combination for success.

I still don’t like to work out, but when you know and see the result, it becomes easier to say: ‘Fuck it’ to that little voice in my head when I have to leave home to go meet my new voice in my head that says: “3 more times!! Come one!!”

He’s an asshole really. But I like him.

Make it a great day!


– Maurice

Monday Morning Blues – get rid of it!

Ugh, it’s Monday morning… the alarm goes off way too early, work is waiting.  You feel the comfort of your bed, nice and warm, cozy, you turn around one more time and feel the sleeping desire behind your eyes. They do not want to accept it’s already a new day. The alarm goes off for the second time, and with a moan, you turn back to the alarm and switch it off.

The inevitable has to happen.

You drag yourself out of bed and start with your morning routine. You feel like crap. Your body hurts, it’s stiff, and when you look in the mirror, you see this person that looks like shit. Time for some magic.

After you fixed yourself up and walk out of your door, you feel you’re in a drag. It’s like groundhog day, remember that movie, with Bill Murray? Where he wakes up every day on the same day, where everything goes exactly the same?

Does this sound familiar? It’s the Monday Morning Blues. You have a jetlag from the weekend.

We call it routine. We wake up, get to work, do our job, come home, eat, have our time at home doing what you do, you go to bed, – repeat. Day in, day out. Until it’s weekend. Finally.

We love our routine, and we hate it.

We love it, because it gives us structure, and oh man, do we love structure and predictability. Predictability gets us certainty things will go a specific way, with no change. Because change is scary. But breaking the routine, doing something spontaneous, that gives us this new energy we also like! And often we say to ourselves, ‘we should do this more often!’. But nope, that’s not happening. Because it’s not safe, not predictable. And we love predictable.

It’s safe.

Fuck safe!

Safe is boring! Do you want to be boring? No, of course not!

So break out of that stupid pattern! Don’t just follow the routine because it is just there. Break the routine! Get up 30 minutes earlier and have a 20-minute walk outside before eating breakfast. Enjoy the smell of the dawn. Enjoy the chirping of the birds. I will guarantee you; you will have a whole different day. And while walking there, think of 5 things you are grateful for. Can be anything. Whatever it is you really love. Your family, your loved one, your kids, your home, your new Apple watch and being able to buy it, it doesn’t matter what it is. Think about it and be thankful you have it in your life.

Your day will be far more meaningful.

Why should you do this? Good question. Because today is NEVER coming back. Because time is the only thing that decreases in your life. You can increase anything in life. Money, health, people, stuff, but not time. So you better spend it wisely. And that starts with realizing you are wasting time. Everyday. So it better be worth it, right?

Have a great day!


To grow you need to experiment

To grow you need to experiment. We grow by learning. Learning from the things that work, and learning from the things that don’t work. But to understand if something works or not, we need to execute. To experiment. So that is what this is. For at least the rest of this month (May 2018) I’m going to write a blog daily.

About what? Glad you asked.

About the things that I experienced, the things I learned, the insights I got, the books I read, what ever it is I think will interest you. And please provide me with feedback. What do you want to know more of? What do you need less? What do you want me to write about?

Please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you and hear what your ideas are. So don’t be a stranger, and let me know your thoughts.

So, let’s get started!

Today is going to be an interesting day. It’s 10 am now, and I’m preparing for the session I have this evening. As you might know I’ve been to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within 2 weeks ago in London. And that was quite an experience. I follow Tony’s work for several years now, but never saw him and his team live. What an amazing guy. The level of energy and power he puts into his work is admirable. For almost 4 full days (and I mean 12 hours per day!) he and his team grabbed our attention and pushed us in a new direction. About 13,000 (!) people in one room, a stage, and either Tony or one of his team members on the stage to take all of us to a new level of awareness.

And I want to share the insights I’ve learned during these days with you. So that is why I organized a gathering for tonight, here in my hometown Leiden, for people to join the conversation and be inspired by the lessons I’ve learned from Tony Robbins himself.

If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, here’s a little update. He comes from an abusive childhood and grew up to become one of the most impactful coaches worldwide. He worked with people like Bill Clinton (yes, during THAT time of his life) and Serena Williams. People all over the world follow his programs like Date with Destiny and Unleash the Power Within. His insights are very clear and to the point. Easy to execute, because it’s founded on proven techniques like psycotherapy, hypnotherapy and NLP.

So I will give some of the best techniques that I’ve learned that you can use in your daily life aswell tonight here in Leiden. If you read this in time, you’re welcome to join. Check this facebook event for more info:

If you can’t make it, no worries. I want to record the event as well, so I can give you an excerp of it later. I haven’t done a recording like that before, so I hope it works, but we’ll just have to see.

So, stay tuned for that, and maybe I will see you tonight.

Make it a great day!

– Maurice