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​Your Happiness is Closer than you think...

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Your Happiness is Closer than you think...

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​"​Being unhappy isn't always your fault.     

​But it is your responsibility to fix it."        

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​The 5 Sources of Happiness

​The 5 sources of happiness is the method ​we use to help you find and create your own happiness. They are shown below. ​​By learning the right skills within these sources, ​you can actually take control over your happiness and not be a victim anymore of things  happening in your life. ​

​Watch the TED talk ​of Personality Coach and M​aster Your Personality founder Maurice Zondag.

Love, Dating & Relationships

Love is our purest need in life. How can you improve on your skills to find the love of your life? And in particular if you’re an introvert in this extroverted world? ​We are not your regular dating coaches. We ​do not ​teach you some pick-up tricks, but you will learn ​to make a genuine connection from your own strengths. This is next level seduction!

Effective Communication

We create connections with others with communication. ​We can help you with that. ​Based on proven coaching techniques, theater techniques and stage performance ​we can teach you how you can make a connection to people in a social 1-on-1 situation, or as a public speaker to a large audience. 

Masculinity & Femininity

Who are you as a man, or as a woman? What is your masculine or feminine energy level? How do you balance the two? What defines you as a man or as a woman? Questions you need to answer yourself to find your true inner self and be happy with that!

Personal Development

The world keeps changing all the time and so should you. Adapt to the world and find your own spot in there and you will feel happy. Every day. Personal development goes further than being mindful or practicing yoga. It's the curiosity to want to keep learning. Discover who you really are and how to act upon that.

Search for Balance

We are in a constant state of searching for balance. It is never ‘done’. Once you think you have found it, something will happen that gets you off balance. Searching for balance is a skill. We teach you how to ​create balance in your life, work, love, private time etc. You will feel you gain back control in your day to day life.

How much longer do you want to feel the way you do?

In order to ​improve your life, you need ​to take action ​now.