​The 8 Bushido Virtues

If you have ever had any interest in martial arts, like karate, judo or ​Aikido, you may have heard of Bushido. Bushido (武士道) is the Japanese term of ‘the way of the warrior’ and was the primary guide to live by for the ancient Samurai Warrior. It dates as far back to the 1st-century a.c.

​8 virtues they lived their dangerous and meaningful life by. And, like many things in Japanese history and philosophy, they still hold up to the modern day. They are being taught in the martial arts and I find them so important, we use it as a guide for our life and our coaching as well.

These virtues are terms we all know:

  • Righteousness
  • Heroic Courage
  • Benevolence, Compassion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honor
  • Duty, Loyalty
  • Self-control

By leading your life with these virtues in your essence, you will have a more peaceful life. Less complicated, and with far more insight. Scary sometimes, yes, but challenging and therefore more interesting.

So start living as a Modern Samurai. It’s not going to be easy, but well, no one said it would be. But it will be fulfilling. You are standing on the verge of making a leap into your new life. You are looking for answers. Answers to questions you might even not know yet. But you know you are on a quest. A quest for your purpose.

It doesn’t matter what your belief system is.

It doesn’t matter what religion you follow.

We are all humans.

Our behavior is what makes us human.

Our thought process is what makes us human.

It is up to us how we act and react to ourselves and to others.

We like to believe that following the Bushido you will experience more love, better connection, more self-worth and the possibility for your own personal growth.

“​Our life purpose is to find our purpose”- Buddha

 ​So let’s find it. Together, you and me.