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Coaching your employees

"You don't build ​your business 

- You build the people -

and they will build your business"

- Zig Ziglar

​Your employees are in pain. They have a problem and neither you or they know they have it. However, they need to fix this to be successful in your company. I want to help you set this right because I have the same problem.

The problem they have is called: being human and being able to think.

This isn't a joke, that is the most significant problem people have. They create things in their minds that hold them achieving things. We stop communicating once things become difficult and we are afraid to show our vulnerability. We stop being our best self.

How often has it happened that employees fail to work together effectively because they 'can't work with that person.' Or they show lack of communication, call in sick, or give their ' two-week notice' at your full surprise? And why is it always the good ones that leave?

Because they have this problem and they can't fix it on their own.

The rate of stress and burnouts are through the roof these days. We have all these things going on in our lives, and it doesn't matter if these things are happening at work or in their private lives, they bring all of it to work, every day.

Where you want them to be productive, maximizing their potential, feeling fulfilled and happy in what they do. THAT is when people are successful in what they do. That is when you get your results you need from them.

So how do you fix this problem?

By making sure they get the right help with these problems. Issues that often has nothing to do with your business you're in. Problems you can't solve with your expertise. Problems I am specialized in.

Hi, my name is Maurice Zondag, and I'm a Personality Coach. I started Master Your Personality to help people to find and create their own happiness. In life, at work, at home, always. I teach them how they can take back control in life. How they can solve the feeling of anxiety, stress, and things, we often call a burnout. I coach them to make sure they find their most authentic version so they can give their world (you!) exactly what they are supposed to do.

It's not therapy, it's not counseling, it's coaching on the job. Being there to have someone to talk to. Practical and to the point. Focussed on their success - and as a result, your success.

To find out more about the things I do, you can watch our video collection. You can get a feeling about the things I do and how that can benefit your people.

Your people are there to help you. So help them, helping you.

Contact me to have a discovery meeting how we connect and how you can help fix the problem of your employees.

- Maurice Zondag

"​It was such a great effort that my employer made it possible for me to work with ​our company's personality coach on ​learning to find my balance." - Susan J.

​At Master Your Personality  we believe in creating ​balance in life, by coaching and mentoring people on empowering their true, authentic personality. For people that are walking the paths of life consciously. The ones daring to ask the 'why' questions. The ones in pursuit of a goal or missing exactly that goal and not knowing how to get that set for themselves. The ones that are willing to grow, to work on themselves - not only to improve themselves, but also for their employer. The people that want to move forward and need some help with that. Your people.

We believe that we can help the companies that believe that their employees are more than just an asset. Who believes that business success comes from creating the right setting to let people achieve their own personal 100%. Who believe that real success is not only measured in green, but in fulfillment. Knowing that they can actually make a difference. To their clients, but also to the lives of every individual employee.

It is like Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, ​said: "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to".

When you create the right environments for your people, they become the people you need to build your business with.

​How personality coaching will improve your business

​A Personality Coach is focused on the true person behind the masks we all wear every day. What does the authenticity of a person wants to show the world to make it more his own world.

We all want to make a difference in our life in some way. But when we keep hiding from our true self, we will never be able to make that true effort. By discovering our true selves, we are able to show the world our true potential. What we truly have to offer.

Our Personality Coach is an experienced coach/trainer with more then 25 years of experience in business environments ​at all levels and various industries (​eg. retail, logistic services, health, education, public services etc.). ​

Using the 5 sources of happiness (watch the TED talk here) he is able to identify ​the need and desire of ​your employee quickly. By working on one or more of these sources, the ​employee will learn practical ways to ​make his move forward in life and in his work ​& career. 

​As a Personality Coach for your organization he can build a true connection with your employees to improve the effectiveness of working together with them on their progress.

Scheduling ​regular meetings with individual employees makes it possible to help out up to 6 employees per day ​during working hours. ​We work with default daily fee's to make things as simple and straight forward as they can be. 

​Let's ​meet up to make a planning how you can ​build your business, by building your people!

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