Become a Leader Instead of a Manager 

BOOST Your Own Uniqueness 2.0

“This adventure really made me dig deep and I discovered my strengths I now learned to own.”

A Manager feels important. A Leader makes others feel important.

In this 6 week adventure you will discover how you can become the leader your team needs. How you can make them shine and benefit from it yourself. To get the results you need in this new world post-pandemic, the result you and your team must find. 

The world has made a shift. The “old normal” will not return. The “new normal” has evolved to a paradigm shift in leadership. A “New-new normal”. Where leadership has been taken to a new level. Where just being a manager isn’t enough anymore. We need people who are breaking with the old way of managing and step into a world where you, as the leader, take over control of the outcomes. 

It is now time to start your journey towards becoming the New Leader that the world is ready for. 

Step into your potential, discover Your Own Uniqueness 2.0 so you can develop the best that’s been hiding out deep inside you, and are ready to come out. 

BOOST YOUR OWN UNIQUNESS 2.0 is the leading program to become the leader the world needs. That your team needs. Now is the time. Don’t miss out. 

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Inspire your team, project members, employees or even co-workers

Management styles come and go. It’s nothing new. Production oriented, Process oriented, People oriented, you’ve probably read all about them in the many books that are written about managing people. Once in a lifetime you can be part of the true paradigm shift in leadership. The industrial revolution, post world war, technological revolution and now: Post-COVID. 

People have become more self reliant. Have tasted the sense of freedom to work from home and be their own boss in many cases. But how do you keep them aligned to the vision and mission of the company? How do you make sure they stay connected, not only by using Zoom calls and dashboards, but on a real, personal, engaging matter?

This is the paradigm shift that is happening as we speak. We need people that understand that this transformation is happening. Doing the things the old ways will fail, because the teams, project members and all employees have move forward. And so must you. 

We can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing. It is time to make the shift yourself. To shift from a manager that is in control by using dashboards, micromanagement on tasks and following the results with KPI traces, to a world where you can direct ownership, responsibility and accountability to your teams. 

And that starts with YOU. How are you showing up everyday? What is your daily routine to boost your team’s performance to the next level? 

Community building, teamwork on individual strengths

Location independency asks for a hybrid location based workplace

Grow revenue by growing your people. Leading them by showing the way.

When there is true Leadership the followers become the Managers

Nothing is more frustrating then to have a manager that is constantly watching over your shoulder. You are a professional that was hired to do a job you know you can. But in the old-normal managers could get a way with full-control on their team. Not alone was it physically possible to see them at work and be there for them when they needed you. 

You also had your tools to manage them. Weekly meetings, dashboards and KPI reports gave you insight in performance and growth. 

One problem that was always creeping up is getting too close. Too tight. Too controlling. You would take away all responsibility from the team to own their accomplishments and results, because you were on top of everything. 

Trust is a valuable asset that does not need to be taken lightly in every teams success. 

In this New World that has been born out of the COVID crisis, employees discovered a new form of freedom. To work from home, plan their own time to do the things they need to do and combine it with kids, laundry or walking the dog. 

Many managers were seeking more options to tighten the control on their team, but felt frustrated that the tools at hand, didn’t do the job. Sure, a Zoom call makes a meeting better than just a phone call, but it can’t compete with real physical presence. 

So this new time has been a learning curve for both leaders and followers. Managers and employees. 

You see, when you switch from being a manager to being a leader, something funny happens. People will start to manage themselves. 

Managing is really nothing more than control and check and make sure the targets get reached. Trust the process and set the controls at the right place in the process. A Leader however is interested in the person behind the process. What struggles does he have? What motivates him? How do you put him in his strengths to get the results he needs to manage?

That is where new leadership comes in. You create your team, project members and employees in managers of their tasks, and you lead them the way in all ways you can.

And for that, you need to understand YOU first, so you can develop yourself into Y.O.U. 2.0.

  • COVID changed the world and lead to a paradigm shift of leadership. You should be on board or you’ll be left behind. 
  • Managers must become leaders, so the followers become their own managers. 
  • You must increase your leadership skills to understand the process your team is going through, and releasing your micromanagement on their task to let them handle it. Lead the way, inspire and coach, become their beacon in the dark night. 

Become the inspiring leader to boost your team. Boost yourself

So you know you have to scale up your leadership skills. And it doesn’t even mean you have to be a leader by title. This can go for anyone. Even if you are not a manager, team leader or director. The skills you learn in this Y.O.U. 2.0 adventure can be for everyone that wants to achieve better results.

Because we ALL are the leaders of our own life. And since this program is designed around YOU, it is really about how you develop yourself into a leader position. That can be work of course, but also in your relationships with friends and family. A local community or just to understand yourself better. 

So this adventure is really about you. How do find and create the best version that’s already hidden inside you. 

You have it already inside you. It is time to let the lion out and show the world

So it is time to let the lion out of it’s cage. To boost your leadership skills that emphasize your abilities to lead, to inspire and to make your world a better place. To show the team that you can do this together, with optimized performance, better results, raising the quality standards and to create a sustainable, long lasting business that is ready for the new world post-pandemic. 

You are ready to discover those hidden skills inside of you. 

You are ready to become the new version of you. To find Your Own Uniqueness – Y.O.U. 2.0!

Yes, You are Ready to become the New Version of You. To find Your Own Uniqueness  – “BOOST Y.O.U. 2.0”

The BOOST Your Own Uniqueness 2.0 Adventure is here.

This 6 weeks adventure will take you to places you’ve never been before. We dive deep into the depths of your qualities and strengths, tactics, skills and strategies. 

The BOOST app is your provider for this adventure. A special designed web app, that will work on every smartphone AND on your desktop will be your home for these 6 weeks. Where we will go over 6 modules to boost the uniqueness out of you. Get ready to start!

This is what you’ll learn:

  • 1Week 1 – the paradigm shift in Leadership: Here we start with how you fit into the role of leadership. It’s a deep dive in to you. What are your key strengths, weaknesses, and what are your goals. 
  • 2Week 2 – Personal Leadership 2.0: The fundamental skills to transform your goals into your reality. You will get the strategies and the tactics for you to create your own personal leadership. If you want to lead others, you first have to lead yourself. List Element
  • 3Week 3 – Communication Superpower: Communication is going to be our number 1 super power. If you know how to communicate effectively in the new world, you will be able to inspire, motivate and get your team inside your vision. From the soft skills to the hard tech style techniques to master any form of communication. 
  • 4Week 4 – You Uniqueness Style: How do you show yourself to the world? What is your style? In all meanings of that word. What are you showing your followers what your standards are for you? 
  • 5Week 5 – The Art of not giving a F#ck: The title may sound familiar, since the book with this title rocked the personal development world. You will learn to master your own mind, so you can influence others more effectively. Declutter your self from limiting beliefs and conquer the world.
  • 6Week 6 – YOUR 2.0 launch: It’s time to show the world who you became. We combine all you’ve learned in this last week game where you can test and practive for the last time before the real world gets to know the leader you’ve become. (secret: it will already show in your day to day life!)

We’ve added a couple of bonusses to the deal, so you can get even more out of it.


The brand new eBook from your trainer and coach Maurice Zondag, published in August 2021.

The Paradigm Shift in Leadership was actually the start of this complete program, so it is well aligned with the training itself. Get to know how the ‘new world’ looks like from the perspective of a man in the field of leadership for 25+ years. 


The complete digital version of the classic book every leader MUST read. Think & Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill. Written in the 30’s of the previous century it holds the secret to success and is still valid today. All great leaders, from Elon Musk to Richard Branson, have read this book multiple times. It is the no. 1 book about success in the world. 13 secrets, 1 book. 



5 Steps to improve your mindset is all about how you can hack your mind and make it work for you  instead of against you.

With practical techniques you can apply immediately and therefor super powerful in the program itself.  

It comes for totally free in this program (retail value $79)



We want to keep you supporting after the 6 weeks so you can can keep growing into your greatness on a next level. We do this with personal coaching and offer you a discounted VIP coaching program after the 6 weeks. 

Become a Founding Member and receive a 50% discount!

Become one of the Founding Members of this program!

What does that mean? You will have a saying in the progress of where this program goes in the future. We’ve started this program recently, and are opening the doors for you to join as a Founding Member. Your feedback will be come back directly to Maurice Zondag himself so he can implement it into the training – almost as we speak. 

For the gratitude of that, we offer a 50% discount on the program if you chose to join as a Founding Member. 

But be aware the slots are limited. So act fast to make full use of the discount!

As a founding member you will pay only

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Start Your Free, No Risk, 6 week adventure!

Become a Founding Member and receive 50% discount!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you done all the work. All the trainings and exercises, and you are not satisfied with what you’ve gotten out of it, you will get a 100% refund of your payment. 

In the Y.O.U. 2.0 Adventure you will get:

  • Access to the 6 weeks Y.O.U. 2.0 Adventure through the new BOOST app
  • 42 videos to teach and coach your progress
  • Access to the BOOST community within the app to connect with others and ask questions
  • Watch on any device
  • Lifetime access to the app and all your resources
  • All you need to grow into the New Leader you have inside of you. 
  • Individual Feedback
  • Direct access to your trainer & coach
  • Bonus 1: The eBook “The Paradigm Shift of Leadership”  by Maurice Zondag
  • Bonus 2: The eBook of “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
  • Bonus 3: The eBook of “5 steps to improving your mindset”
  • Bonus 4: Discounted personal coaching after the 6 weeks in the VIP Coaching Program


I’m not sure if a remote-coaching plan is right for me.

We get that. Last 20 months have proven that remote working works. Using the features of our exclusive, free and tailor made App, combined with Zoom, Facebook groups and even smart home tech makes this work the most effective for you. You can do it in your own time, whenever suits you the best. 

How much time do I need in these 6 weeks?

No more than 30 minutes a day will get you the best results. You can go more quickly if you have the time, but no more than 30 minutes in average is needed.

I’m not sure I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone too much.

That’s the beauty. Forget what all the gurus tell you, we just are going to expand your comfort zone. So there is no ‘just do it’ or ‘you must feel the pain’. NO. We take you step by step on this journey to become more confident.

I get overwhelmed easily, so this is a bit too much for me.

We totally get that. That’s why this 6 week challenge is not a Road map, where we share everything at once and leave you hanging. It’s more like a GPS. Where we will guide you step by step, day by day, into the right direction, so we end up at your destination as fast as we can. We’ve got your back the whole nine yards.

Start Your Free, No Risk, 6 weeks Adventure!

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A Leader always wants the best results. Not just for himself, but mostly for his team. With that team the synergy will be there to achieve the vision ahead and achieve it faster than he could ever do alone.” – Maurice Zondag

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