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Johann Stan

For these past months, I have to thank you. You had a major impact, if not the biggest, to reach my next version of myself recently.

Johann Stanprofile-pic

Noek Knuist

I was thinking about starting some new healthy habits. You made me see that I am capable of doing what I’ve always thought I couldn’t. I started running and eating healthy and lost many kilos and am now able to run 5km. And still improving everyday!

Noek Knuist

Maurice Zondag

Personal Leadership Coach

I am Maurice Zondag, Personal Leadership Coach who helps men to become the better version of themselves, so they can live their life with happiness, fulfillment and joy. 

I’ve been helping them for years to create the lives they want and take back control in their lives. Often comming out of a crisis or an overall feeling of ‘something’s off and missing’. 

We work with mindset, education and science based models of improvement like NLP, Transactional analisys, effective communication and change models from hypnotherapy and RET. 

I’ve been obsessed with personal development since I went through my own personal crisis back in 2012, and have been trained by the great minds of this field, like Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma and Tai Lopez. 

In my spare time I love to speak on stages, produce and play theatrical productions and play tennis and piano (not at the same time though). 

Do you NOT want to improve your life, gain more success in your life and get the life you deep down know you deserve?

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