Why is public speaking a ‘superpower’?

Well, because if you know how to get your idea across to an audience, you can do anything!

Us humans, we connect because we can communicate. And communicating is what creates the interconnection between humans. We can share our thoughts, our emotions, our state of minds, we can show the world who we are.

I have to say that communicating is even too brought. Because there are more species that communicate. So it’s not that special to be able to communicate. What sets us humans apart is our language. Being able to talk in words, opened up a massive form of nuance and possibilities. So we can create content. And we use our total package of communication skills to bring that message across.

Choosing the right words has the impact of us sharing our ideas with others and the cool thing is, that when I share an idea, your brain starts processing it within your own system, creating an add-on to my idea. That’s how innovation works. We create new ideas, because we add our mojo to it.

So you can imagine, that choosing the wrong words, things go south pretty quickly. We create noise on the communication line. We don’t get the idea the other one is giving us. But those processing systems still remains working the way it always does. It interprets the information it got. It doesn’t know if the information he received was correct or not. If it was the idea the other person intended to share. And things can go wrong very fast in that matter – I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. We all experience this on a regular basis.

So the power of communication, using the language we use, lays in the fact that we want to optimize our communication to the highest level possible. So when we do talk to someone, we’re sure that what he or she receives from is, is the same intent as with what I sent it. And as you know, that is almost an art by itself.

Imagine what would happen if you would talk to 2 people. Who have both different systems processing the information you sent? Different backgrounds, upbringing, experiences, and different levels of being able to create new ideas. How on earth can you make sure that the information you send out is being received in the same way by both persons, who are so different from each other? Sounds almost impossible right?

Now imagine a room full of people. 500 individuals. a 1,000 maybe. 10,000 individuals. How can it even be possible to get your idea to their brains and still make sure they receive what you intended to send?

If you master the art of public speaking, that is exactly what you’re trying to achieve. To use the complete package of communication, to get your idea across. The language you speak, the words you choose, the grammar you use, the tonality of your voice, the language of the body, even micro expressions tell their part of the story.

That is why a good public speaker has a superpower. He or she is able to bring his or her idea across in such a way, that the audience receives it with the same intention as the speaker had in mind. If he or she does that right, you can connect to all the individuals in the audience. Connect with all of them and creating a bond of trust and sympathy.

You can imagine what the impact would be if you would be able to use this super power to get your idea across, right? It’s the key to success. In any way.

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