Do you feel ​life isn’t treating you right because of all the shit that happened in your life?

You want to take control but somehow you can’t. You know what you should do, but for some stupid reason you don’t.

It can be your love life, being single and you just can’t find ‘that special one’It can be your social life, your own identity your still searching for. It can be your personal development or it just can be the regular, always needed – but so hard to find: Balance in life. You can feel stressed out​You can wake up with low energy​You have negative thoughts in your mindYou feel over the moon one minute and crash the nextYou can feel depressedSometimes it feels like your life is a mess and you don’t know how to fix it.

​I ​get it. I’ve been where you are and I DO know how to fix this.

First: there is nothing wrong with you. ​What you’re going through is ​very logical.

What do I mean with that?

We have never learned how to ​control our ​​happiness. We have never learned what makes us happy. We have never learned how to take control over our life. We just did what we thought we should do. 

We try​ and ​fail our lessons of life over and over again.

​Until now…

​You can actually learn how to ​take control over your happiness.It is a skill ​you can learn.

​Like with all skills, this can be learned. ​We stopped understanding this after school. But as a kid that was our basic mindset. I want to learn this, so I’m going to. We later were taught to give up. And that’s the opposite of learning.

​Did you ever say to your parents when you were a 2 year old toddler: “Say mom, dad, this walking thing? I’ve tried, real hard, but I keep falling down. So, you know what I think? I’m not a walker. This walking thing is just not for me…”

No of course not. You keep practicing, until you could do it. And it’s the same with this skill. The skill to be happy on YOUR terms. When you choose to. To not let it be determined by someone or something else.

Because we are in control over our own lives. We just don’t realize it enough. We give power to our surroundings to control us, we give power to that annoying inner voice inside our head that never shuts up. We give power to our past to determine our present and our future. And by doing that, we loose control over our own power to take things into our own hands.

​So we do become a victim of our own lives. The people in it, the choices we feel we had to make. The things that happen to us we can’t control. So we feel we don’t match to the expectations. We feel we aren’t good enough. We feel we aren’t being loved.

There is a way out of this. A way out that is right in front of you. Almost close enough to grab, but you can’t reach it.


​I’ve learned it the hard way…

So I want you to be smarter. I want you to learn from my mistakes, use the knowledge of someone who has been where you are now and let him help you get back in control over your love life.

​Hi, my name is Maurice Zondag

​Like you, I’ve struggled. And like you, I still have my challenges. But 6 years ago I had a profound insight that I think will really benefit you. And if you’ll allow me, I’d like to share it with you here…After a painful divorce that lead to the loss of my home … bankruptcy … and near suicidal depression … I looked up from the rock bottom pit I found myself in. Through tears of pain and sorrow, I thought: “I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I simply can’t go on unless something changes … AND NOW!” It was at that moment I had a realization that shook my life to its foundation.   It was like seeing the matrix …. like I could see the code of life itself. It was in this “peak experience” that I discovered what I call “The 5 Sources of Happiness.” ​I even got to do ​a TED talk about ​it.

So I learned how to use these 5 sources to find and create my own happiness. They were my 5 cylinders I could fill up with skills, insights and experiences, that created a foundation to build my life up on.

It let me grow my comfort zone to an extent that what ever part in my life would be ripped out of it, I’d still have enough comfort zone left, that I could not only survive, but still could live a happy life.

I created abundance in my life. And abundance is the no. 1 stress killer.

Now it is your turn, ​and I want you to succeed, fast!

I’ve created ​​a worksheet and video lesson  for you to learn this. Right now.

“​We all learn from our mistakes. But it’s smarter to learn from other one’s mistakes”. 

Maurice Zondag – Personality coach​

​TEDx ​2017 – The 5 Sources of Happiness

The video lesson and official worksheet is all about learning to master the 5 sources of happiness, so you can take back control over your ​life right now.

This is what you will learn:

  • How to build the right mindset
  • How to use the mindset of abundance vs scarcity
  • How the comfort zone is your strength and your weakness
  • How you can ​make your comfort zone bigger
  • ​How to stay out of the Panic Zone
  • How to overcome fear in any situation
  • How to know if he or she is the right one
  • How to know what you look for in a life partner
  • How to find that special one
  • ​How being just ‘you’ is the best strategy
  • How you can build on your own charm
  • How you can explore your full potential
  • How you can build attraction
  • How language can determine our choices
  • How body language controls our mind and actions
  • How you can read people more easily
  • ​How your language pattern influence others
  • How speaking in public is a magic skill
  • ​How to persuade people to think alike
  • How your masculinity influences your daily life
  • ​How your femininity influences your daily life
  • How you should own both your masculinity and femininity in balance
  • How you can grow old and stay ahead of the pack
  • How you can grow your world by exploring your mind
  • How to learn even faster
  • How to read a book a day
  • How the past determines your ​present, not your future
  • How to never fail again
  • How to shift your mindset from trying to doing
  • How to make things happen
  • How you can ​get 90+ years old
  • How to create richness
  • How you find inner peace
  • How you can understand everybody
  • How you can fix any challenge you encounter
  • How to set goals
  • How to achieve them
  • How to create balance in life
  • How to find the answer you even didn’t know you were looking for
  • How to find your happiness
  • How to create your happiness
  • How to take control over your life, every day

​Why is it important to gain control in your ​Life again?

It is YOUR life. You are the only one that is responsible for the things you choose to do. Every day we make our decisions. To go to work, what to eat, when to work out, when to meet friends, when to visit family, everything we do, WE decide. We SHOULD decide. 

That is called controlling your life. There are already so many things in life we can not control, that you should be aware of the things you can control. Because when you CAN control it, you create the freedom of choice. You either do it, or you do not do it.

Making no choice, will leave others to make the choice and you then become the victim of their decision making. You become the victim of your own happiness or unhappiness.  

​So what do I get in this ​​video lesson and worksheet?

​I’ve recorded a specific video about how you can use these 5 sources to your own benefit. How you can take back control in your life by doing what I did. By knowing that it’s been enough! By knowing that with this easy step, I can learn how to take back control in my life. 

​And let me give you the biggest surprise. It will only cost you € 7,95.

​That’s right. For less than 2 cups of coffee at your local Starbucks, you can learn how to be happy on your terms. How you can use the 5 sources of happiness to design your own life. 

​It is that simple.