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What's up? It seemed you were interested in joining our Get Your Shit Together in 7 weeks program, but somehow we ended up here, not joining the program.

So we could either have 2 situations.

1. you're payment was canceled, which is easy to fix. just hit '<- back' in your browser and try again! If you did, but you keep seeing this page, please contact me and we'll get it fixed.

2. you chickened out. And I get that. Making a commitment like this is not easy to swallow. So if this is about the amount, I get it too that it can be hard to pay it in one single ​term. Click here, so you can pay it in ​2 monthly terms and spread it out.

If it isn't the money but you just don't know if this is for you, please ​schedule this free intake meeting with me, at any time that suits you. We'll go over your questions and see how this program, or maybe an other approach, would work for you.

Either way, thanks for trying and I'll talk to you soon!

​​-Maurice Zondag