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​With this easy tool you have access to my schedule and you can book your own time when it suits you. 

​Please pick the number of hours we regular meet.

If you use this tool to plan your sessions ​you will be charged in $ in stead of €. Since this tool it takes away administrative work ​for me, I want to give you an advantage too. So instead of the exact ​exchange rate I will give you a discount. You will pay only $ 150,- which is appr. € 123,- (at this time – march 2018) in stead of the regular € 130,-.

If we spend more time, it will be invoiced separately against the regular tariff of € 130,-. If we spend less, ​the over paid amount will be credited to you. We always calculate in segments of an hour.

​All bookings are reservations. If the scheduled time isn’t possible, we will contact you to make a new appointment.

​Click on the button for the time frame you want to schedule

​When you click one of these buttons you will be taken to a page of our service partner called that will let you schedule the day and time you prefer. 

These appointments are a paid service. Per hour you will be charged $ 150,- (approximately € 123,-).

You can only pay by using a credit card or paypal. If you prefer to use a different payment method, please contact us.