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​”​The 17 foundations of living the happy life”

We are all looking for happiness in our life. Where ever you are, what ever you do, what ever age you are, happiness is always something we’re after.

I’ve created a special online video sequence of the 17 foundations that will give you the possibility to build and create the happy life you desire. 

In 17 video’s I will take you through the 5 sources of happiness, I discovered are the areas in life we can create skills, experiences and the foundation for being in control over our happiness. We can stop being the victim of things happening in our life.

​I want you to be able to access this unique series of 17 videos, with almost 20 hours of content, to use during your challenge. As part of your learning-part in the new morning routine you are going to follow.

It will discuss the areas of Love, Communication (Connection making), your masculinity and femininity, your personal growth and your search for balance.

You will learn how you can implement these parts in your current life with the strategies you apply. You take back control in your happiness, in your life.

​This is what you will learn:

  • How to build the right mindset
  • How to use the mindset of abundance vs scarcity
  • How the comfort zone is your strength and your weakness
  • How you can ​make your comfort zone bigger
  • ​How to stay out of the Panic Zone
  • How to overcome fear in any situation
  • How to know if he or she is the right one
  • How to know what you look for in a life partner
  • How to find that special one
  • ​How being just ‘you’ is the best strategy
  • How you can build on your own charm
  • How you can explore your full potential
  • How you can build attraction
  • How language can determine our choices
  • How body language controls our mind and actions
  • How you can read people more easily
  • ​How your language pattern influence others
  • How speaking in public is a magic skill
  • ​How to persuade people to think alike
  • How your masculinity influences your daily life
  • ​How your femininity influences your daily life
  • How you should own both your masculinity and femininity in balance
  • How you can grow old and stay ahead of the pack
  • How you can grow your world by exploring your mind
  • How to learn even faster
  • How to read a book a day
  • How the past determines your ​present, not your future
  • How to never fail again
  • How to shift your mindset from trying to doing
  • How to make things happen
  • How you can ​get 90+ years old
  • How to create richness
  • How you find inner peace
  • How you can understand everybody
  • How you can fix any challenge you encounter
  • How to set goals
  • How to achieve them
  • How to create balance in life
  • How to find the answer you even didn’t know you were looking for
  • How to find your happiness
  • How to create your happiness
  • How to take control over your life, every day

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