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​​This is NOT a 1​3 week diet or quick fix.

This is going for a lasting healthy change, while maintaining your abundant lifestyle.

The program is based on science, human biology, education and hacking your habits

for lasting results.

​The Semi-Ketogenic Lifestyle

​So many people struggle with their weight. Over 50% of the western world suffers from overweight. That's huge!

How come so many people have this problem?

Because we've been learning the wrong things.

In the 60s of the previous century this idea came to mind that a fat rich diet would make you fat and all kinds of diseases like heart failure, stroke and even cancer. So we all went on low fat and high carbs diets. Fats became the thing we needed to prevent from eating. But the science studies didn't hold up. They were poorly executed and didn't prove this hypothesis to be right. Nevertheless we started to adopt this idea. Even the governments and health institutes copied the idea that we needed to use low-fat and high carbohydrates in our daily food intake.

The problem is that when you skip fat from food, it takes it's good taste away, so we started to substitute it with sugars. And that's where it all went south. Science shows that ​sugar, a carbohydrate, used in too large amounts, ​will make you fat. It's just how our biology works. 

Carbs are NOT bad. Sugar is NOT bad. Fat is NOT bad. As long as it's from a natural source and moderate.

So we need to 'relearn' about our food. We need to relearn what's healthy, in what amounts, and what to eat to make sure we feed our bodies with the nutrients it actually needs. ​

Is that hard?

Yes, if you don't know what you're doing, it's hard. That's why diets don't work and last. 

We made it easy. We cracked the code ​for you.

We call it: "The Semi-Ketogenic Lifestyle"

Eat healthy, ​hack your body, enjoy all the good things in life.

Your benefits

​Quick results

​​I know, 25 lbs in 12 weeks is a big claim. ​It is based on the results of those who went before you, including myself. ​It is all based on science and proven results, and that's what makes all the difference. 

​Start burning fat instantly

​The key ​term is 'insulin resistance'. Being overweight, your body ​​has become more resistant for insulin than it should and ​it ​will keep storing potential energy as fat because of the current food we eat. We break that pattern once and for all.

​More energy

​Because we 'hack' our biological process of dealing with food, we teach our bodies to use a far more effective fuel, that will improve your energy level throughout the day.

​No more cravings

The system we use will ​make sure ​your body has ​the right amount of energy and will lower your hunger cravings during the day ​and evening. Again, it's just biology at work.

What our customers are saying:

​I started to run for the first time in my life!

​When I moved to my new house i was thinking about starting some healthy habits like starting running or something like that. It stopped with thinking about it. Until i saw your first vlog and you said i always told myself i am not a runner... but it turns out i am. That was the last push i needed to hear. I started running the next morning. And then you challenged me again for the 10k run in November. Now i had a goal. I think we are about 2 months further along now and i changed from barely getting up the stairs without going out of breath to running about 4k in 30min. And still improving every day!


​This changed my life

​I've been struggling with my weight for many years, and I couldn't get this fixed. Now, with the help of Maurice I've not only lost my overweight, I feel more happy and healthy then I ever did before! I love that it's science based and we measured the health key points in the beginning and in the end. It's a perfect problem for a high achiever like me. This works! Thank you Maurice!


​What is the secret?

​After 25 years of trying probably every diet I could get my hands on, and nothing getting me the results I needed, I was on the verge of giving up. I was over 250lbs heavy, not in shape and had all kinds of little pains.

I had trouble getting out of my car, had pain in my knees and although I loved playing tennis, I always had pain in my feet after playing. I have had many gym memberships, but it just didn't made me lose weight. I tried Ayurveda food style, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Paleo and even with regular Keto I didn't manage to make it stick.

Sure, I lost some pounds, ​with some more than with others, but after a while it just ​fall back into my old patterns. So I started ​thinking:


Why can't I keep up with ​any diet?

This is what I found.

Simply said: a diet is a temporary solution, but it's not lasting change.

We need more than just a temporary diet. We need a new ​way of ​understanding and be aware of what we're doing wrong.

A lifestyle that is sustainable, easy and fun, created from abundance and not from scarcity mindset.

That's what we call it the Semi-Ketogenic Lifestyle

Eat the right things at the right time, at the right amount. ​Enjoy the good life,

with all the good food and drinks you ​like.

​My story: this is the result in 12 weeks

on the semi-ketogenic diet.

​Implement the secret formula for lasting success!

​Just reading or hearing about isn't going to change anything. You need to implement.

Take action.

The right action.

When you build a house, you don't start with the decoration and paintings on the wall.

You build it in the right order.

First things first, so it's strong and can withhold any storm it encounters. 

The same goes for a healthy weight loss. 

In our 1​3 weeks program we guide you through the right steps you need to take to become more healthy, which often results in losing weight, feel more energized and becoming more happy.

Because the method is based on both science and the real world, we want to make it measurable. So during the program we measure the key point indicators of health. Not only your weight, but also kidney and liver function, ketone bodies etc. You get the proof you actually became healthier!

We also highly value the medical insights, so we advise to also inform your doctor about your plans to become more healthy. We embrace working with them during the program and beyond.

  1. 1
    ​Phase 1 ​is all about understanding your current situation, habits and ​lifestyle so we can ​construct a plan together. A plan to modify the lifestyle where it will benefit your health and overall happiness. We all have a life full of potential and often we're just inches away from excellence. We're going to nail those inches and start implementing.
  2. 2
    Phase 2 In the next phase we're going to implement your new lifestyle. This is the 1​3 weeks period and we execute the plan to detail. You will have exclusive access to our sources, coaches and specialists. You will have a support team that will create accountability, ​that will keep ​you motivated, and inspired. We'll go on regular calls and make sure you stay on track. We believe in science, and therefor we keep measuring your health along the way using your local medical institutions by doing certain health tests like a bloodtest. You will also ​benefit from our experience and coaching ​and we will gradually make the shift you need to make sure you can enrol to phase 3. Only when we get to the result, we'll transit to the next and last phase. Does it take you longer than 12 weeks? No worries. As long as you show willpower and action, we'll stick with you until you reach your ​your personal goal. 
  3. 3
    Phase 3 is all about sustainability. After 1​3 weeks, more than 90 days, you've started to build a habit. A new lifestyle where food no longer works against you, but for you. Where you can still maximize your life, enjoy ​all the food you like and know exactly what to do and which choices to make. You've transformed your body into a healthy, well balanced machine that will provide you with tons of energy to pursue your dreams and be the best version of your self. Healthy, slim, and happy. 

​MAURICE ZONDAG  //  ​Personal Leadership coach // Public Speaker // Best selling author

​Working as a Lifestyle consultant & Personal Leadership coach for the past 20 years, it has taught me that I'm responsible for my life and the outcomes of the things I do.

So I've changed a lot of things over the years. My mindset, my love life, and ​also my health.

Health is our number 1 foundation for a successful life. Struggling with overweight for over 25 years, I've teamed up with a group of experts and scientists, to model this new way of living my abundant lifestyle and losing the weight. I've mastered this and ​found the golden key to my pain.

It's the semi-ketogenic lifestyle that not only made me lose over 30lbs in a record time, it made me an overall more energetic and happier man!

So invite you to take up the challenge of redirecting your health to a new level too!

​Maurice Zondag

Frequently Asked Questions

​Why isn't this like any other diet out there?​​​​

​How is this all science based?

​Isn't this just the keto diet?

​Do you use any supplements and are they safe?

​What if I don't lose the​ 30lbs in 1​3 weeks?

​Do I need to exercise?

​I want to lose more / less then the mentioned ​30lbs. Is this still for me?

​I'm diabetic. Can I still do this?

​Do you ​supply medical support?

​I have another question...

The Best Time to Start Getting ​healthy​ was yesterday, the second best is Today!

​As we are now in a global health-crisis, we all understand that health is our primary concern. Always. Who needs money, fame and richness, if you're not healthy to enjoy it? We NEED to work on our health.

Overweight is the number one reason people die from ​all sorts of health issues. All will be affected by the food you eat and lifestyle you lead.

Start making the change now, so you can still enjoy a healthy, happy and successful life, for you and with the people you love!

Semi-Ketogenic Lifestyle

​Be Healthy & Happy and Enjoy your Life!

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