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This is NOT a 12 week diet or quick fix. This is going for a lasting healthy change.


Based on science and human biology, education and hacking your habits.

12 lbs in 4 weeks!

{After starting the semi-ketogenic diet with the support of Maurice, things went fast and easy. I have more energy, can easily do HIIT trainings and lose weight at the same time. This method actually works, and I love the science behind it.}


Who would thought I'd become a runner?!

When I moved to my new house i was thinking about starting some healthy habits like starting running or something like that. It stopped with thinking about it. Until i saw your first vlog and you said i always told myself i am not a runner... but it turns out i am. That was the last push i needed to hear. I started running the next morning. And then you challenged me again for the 10k run in November. Now i had a goal. I think we are about 2 months further along now and i changed from barely getting up the stairs without going out of breath to running about 4k in 30min. And still improving every day!


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