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Lose 30 lbs in 13 weeks by eating the food you love!(in a completely natural & healthy way)

This pure natural weight loss program is based on 3 simple factors:

  • Use the biology of your body to lose the weight just like it gained it. 
  • Program your metabolism to burn fat instead of other fuel sources that gain fat
  •  No expensive food, or meal plans, or complicated recipes. You actually safe money doing this.

You have tried every diet out there, but nothing worked in the long term. You are just accepting that ‘you are fat’…

You’ve tried every diet out there. The so called big names with expensive programs, supplements, shakes, and a huge list of all the things you can’t eat anymore. The meal plans are thrown at you at every Instagram Influencer health ad you see. Recipes that look easy, but when you try it, it never turns out as good as the pictures showed. You’ve spend hundreds, thousands maybe even on all these stupid programs.

You did try everything. But it just didn’t work. 

A couple of pounds went off, but in no time it was back on. Your doctor is doing nothing, because he can’t help you. You hear these messages online everywhere that seems logical but don’t work either. Move more, eat less, count your calories, or points, but it just. doesn’t. work. 

You probably did go to the gym. You did go for a regular walk. But no. Again. It just doesn’t work. 

So I get it when you want to give up. 

And now you’re here, and I’m telling you: it IS possible.

Because I’ve done it my self. 

And if I can, so can you.  So let me share with you what ‘the secret’ was that I did that all of a sudden I was able to lose the weight and sustain that weight loss.

“Biology made you fat, so it’s not your fault. Let’s use that same biology to make you lose the weight that made you fat in the first place.”

I’ve been fat since my early 20s. And am now in my late 40s. So it’s pretty much more than 25 years I was fat. My lowest point – or better said, my highest weight – was 290lbs after my divorce in 2012. It didn’t help when you’re depressed and the safe life falls apart too.

And just like you, I had done all the diets out there. Atkins, paleo, weight watchers, Ayurveda, or any other, sometimes, obscure, weight loss plan. And sure, in the beginning some pounds went off, but for some reason, it never stuck.

“You got to change your lifestyle!” is what they said. Sure. Just change your lifestyle… And then buy all these shakes, or that over priced, so called, ‘healthy bio-food’. I had to cook all these fancy foods and follow these recipes, cooking for an hour, and then? It never satisfied me. I just didn’t like it. 

So it’s easy said: “Change your lifestyle”, but trust me, being a coach with over 25 years of experience in change, I KNOW that it’s not easy.

So I wanted to understand:

What is making me fat in the first place?  

And for a minute, I didn’t listen to these Instagram hipsters and fitgirls. I dived into the science. What happens in our body that makes us fat? Is it that we’re not moving enough? Or is it something else? 

And what I discovered, changed my life. And it has been there all this time.

Because, you know, what I’m about to reveal to you, isn’t something new. It is actually something human kind has been doing for millennia. That’s right. This goes back to the ancient times and has been practiced for over thousands of years. 

It just never came up because of the things we’ve learned in our modern world. Where we learn that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Where we learned that you need to keep eating multiple times a day ‘to keep your metabolism active, otherwise it can’t digest your food good enough.” So eat 6 times a day smaller amounts. We’ve learned we need to count our calories. Calorie in vs calorie out, right? 

No. No, no, no, NO!

It’s not right and it’s biologically completely falls!

  • Eating multiple times a day? That’s introduced by the food industry so they can sell you more. 
  • Your metabolism can perfectly operate on less than 6 meals a day. You don’t eat in your sleep do you? Is your metabolism then ‘off’ in the morning? Of course not. 
  • Calories in vs Calories out? It’s not the whole truth. Our body doesn’t count calories, it signals nutrients and then decides what to do with it. So getting your calories from a chocolate bar, are different calories than that from broccoli. 

So no. It’s all not true. What we’ve learned is wrong. False information because we forgot the ‘human diet’ and how often we eat what. 

What is the secret?

We are going to use the biology that made you fat -> to lose the fat.

Because it IS biology. 

It’s not physics. It’s not calorie in vs calorie out, or move more, eat less. It’s not eat 6 times a day and it is for sure not ‘eat protein shakes and starve yourself to death’.

It is Biology. 

Processes happen when we eat and when we don’t eat. And once I started to understand this, a new world of logic opened up for me. I got it. I understand it, and this makes absolute sense. 

If I can use the same biological principle that made me fat, and turn that process around, I will lose the fat.”

And that’s what this program is all about. To change the way we trigger the biological processes, and then the weight disappears, because your body is taking care of if. 

How freaking cool is that!

When I started to apply this, I lost my first 30 pounds within 3 months. 13 weeks!

And again, it’s not about buying new stuff. It’s about not buying expensive ‘healthy’ bio-food, it involves no extra gym time, it actually is going to SAVE you money and time. 

And it was there all the time, hidden in plain sight. And has been already on this page and  in the name of the program the whole time, just like in real life, hidden in plain sight. 

Lose Weight Fast.

We lose our weight when we fast. It happens faster than you’ve ever experienced, and it stays away, because we now understand why we got fat in the first place. 

The benefits are even more than only weight loss:

​You improve focus

During fasting you change from glucose burning to ketones (fat metabolism) as your preferred fuel source. Your brain loves these ketones and operate more efficient and effective. You feel more focussed, less fatigue, especially after eating.

​You improve your health

During fasting your body gets the time to do some cleaning up. Old ‘zombie cells’ get cleaned, inflammation get’s solved, and growth hormone is stimulated. It improves your immune system to fight off external dangers like the well known virus. 

You save time & money

When you fast, you don’t eat. When you don’t eat, you don’t cook. When you don’t cook, you need no food. When you need no food, you save money and time. Buying, cooking and eating. You can spend it on other important things in life.

“The moment I started to learn this, I changed…”

“It was like this light bulb moment, the aha! I had when I first saw the logic of the biology. And once I knew this, the change just happened without any willpower or discipline. It just made sense…”

– Chris Johnson

When we use the biology, the physics follows and the logic shows itself.

“Fasting has been around for thousands of years and billions of people do it.”

Do you realize that fasting is actually something you already have been doing for your whole life, just in a very tiny way where it didn’t override the other biological processes that were going on?

Because in our sleep we don’t eat, which practically means we’re fasting. For at least about 8 hours. That’s why breakfast is called breakfast: break fast. You break the fast you had in your sleep.

So fasting is totally natural to us. It’s nothing new. Fasting happens during religious festivities, and millions of people use this type of fasting to get healthier. 

The funny thing is, you get healthier when you don’t eat 6x a day. You get healthier when you eat only 2 times a day and don’t eat for the most part of the day. 

But you have to learn how to do it in such a way to make it work and get you maximum results.

That is why I created this training.

In this training you will learn exactly what the biology does, so you understand what to do to turn the tables. You will learn how to use fasting in the best way, to get the maximum results. 

In a healthy, sustainable, and cost effective way.

What is this training all about?

We created a 7-step program

“I never really was interested in our biology, but these lessons really got me excited!” 

In 7 steps we’re going to teach you everything about fasting and how to implement this into your life, in an easy to understand, plain-English explanation of what happens during our fast and how you are burning your fat. 

I am no scientist myself. I’m no smarter than any other regular guy. But I understood what’s happening and how it made me fat. Once I saw that, I understood how to change the biological pattern. 

That’s what we do in our training. For you to understand the why, what, and how to apply this into your life. With ease. 

The 7 steps we take in the program cover all areas you need to know.  It may seem a little bit daunting at the moment, but we really made it simple to ‘digest’ – no pun taken…

We want you to be able to run through this program at your own pace, take it in so it fits your current life, and can implement it yourself. 

So you can benefit from your own biology too and start burning off that fat from your belly, and get back into a healthy body, that is ready to take up any challenge in this life. 

Because I know, when you see the results happening, a new life is waiting for you. 

Moving is easier, getting up from the sofa even is easier.

My backpain went away, and the pain in my knee dissolved into thin air.  Your life WILL change because of this. Be prepared… 

“Fasting didn’t only let me lose weight, I gained focus on a next level…”

“I’ve never experience this before. The moment I went into fasting, and could do this on a sustainable way, I didn’t only lose weight, which was great, but I also gained so much focus, it was like a super-brain experience! I got so much work done, with such ease, it even got noticed by my manager. I thank my promotion to this.”

– Jim Stoner

“I always thought I couldn’t go without breakfast…”

“The moment I woke up I was hungry, so I had to eat, every morning. The thought of skipping breakfast horrified me. But after learning what was happening, I went for it and now feel even more energized without my cereal in the morning!”

– Yashar El Mut

“I struggled my whole life.”

“I’ve been your typical weight loss junky, and never found a diet that really did the job for the long run. Now, with my 18:6 rhythm, I lost my belly and am at a healthy weigh again, for the first time in my adult life. I’m so grateful to have found this way of looking at food!”

– Michael McKenzie

What You’ll Get…

Let me explain exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for this solution:

  • Life time access to the video training Lose Weight Fast with all 7 steps you can take to start fasting safely
  • The Boost app were you can access every lesson
  • The full eBook based on this program Lose Weight Fast
  • The best schedule to start your fasting build up
  • Access to our community for support and questions
  • BONUS 1: The Ketogenic Diet 101 eBook for a healthy support of your fasting journey  
  • BONUS 2: Discount on  our 1:1 coaching program Semi-Ketogenic Lifestyle for even faster results
  • Life time access to the video training Lose Weight Fast with all 7 steps you can take to start fasting safely
  • The Boost app were you can access every lesson
  • The full eBook based on this program Lose Weight Fast
  • The best schedule to start your fasting build up
  • Access to our community for support and questions
  • BONUS 1: The Ketogenic Diet 101 eBook for a healthy support of your fasting journey  
  • BONUS 2: Discount on  our 1:1 coaching program Semi-Ketogenic Lifestyle for even faster results

“Accessing the lessons on the Boost app is so cool. I can now learn anytime, anywhere!”

If you’re serious about fixing this problem of yours for once and for all, then this is the moment. I’ve got everything in place for you to get started and create the healthy body you’ve been wanting for so long, but almost don’t believe in it anymore to hapen. 

This is it. 

I know your struggle. And I know you might have doubts about this. Yet another solution? 


But this one works, because this one isn’t trying to sell you a monthly subscription, or diet plan or gym membership. 

life time access to your video training. Get you on track. Fix it.


You can even become a Founding Member and receive over 50% discount on the program. That’s right!

Instead of the regular $ 197

you will only pay


Get Instant Access to Lose Weight Fast!

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Become a founding member: Get 50% discount AND add your brilliance to it

What does that mean?

You will have a saying in the progress of where this program goes in the future. We’ve started this program recently, and are opening the doors for you to join as a Founding Member. Your feedback will be come back directly tome directly so I can implement it into the training – almost as we speak. 

For the gratitude of that, we offer a 50% discount on the program if you chose to join as a Founding Member. 

But be aware the slots are limited. So act fast to make full use of the discount!

So this is what you’ll get

  • Life time access to the video training Lose Weight Fast with all 7 steps you can take to start fasting safely
  • The Boost app were you can access every lesson
  • The full eBook based on this program Lose Weight Fast
  • The best schedule to start your fasting build up
  • Access to our community for support and questions
  • BONUS 1: The Ketogenic Diet 101 eBook for a healthy support of your fasting journey  
  • BONUS 2: Discount on  our 1:1 coaching program Semi-Ketogenic Lifestyle for even faster results

All these now for just:

​Remember, you only pay this rediculous low price as a founding member. Once wego live with the complete training, the regular price of $197 will be charged. So time is of essence! 

Get Instant Access to Our Product!

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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you have gone through the program and you find no value at all in the things we taught you, you can ask for your money back within 30 days, no questions asked.

“I want to provide value to you so I will do whatever it takes to give you the value you deserve and give you everything I know about how to transform your life for the better.”

– Maurice Zondag


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Isn’t this just Intermittent Fasting?

That’s exactly what it is! Like I said, it’s been around for ages! Now, what you’ll learn in this training is everything you need to understand what happens when you’re fasting, what mistakes not to make and how to do it in such a way it delivers maximum results. 

​Is the information not just available if I Google it?

There’s a lot of information out there that Google can find for you. But would you rather have 6.760.000 results in 0,55 seconds and then spend days or weeks trying to find the exact right information you need? Or do you want one complete set of answers you can implement right away? If the latter is the case, you should get this program. 

​Isn’t fasting dangerous?

Well, no and yes. I can be dangerous when doing it wrong. Going for 10 days without any food right off the bat, yeah, not a good idea. But if you want to build it up in the way we teach in the program, and you’re normal healthy (as in not under doctors medical care with medicine) this is perfectly safe. 

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