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Is there a life after my Phd?

Your life has been about studying for quite some years now. You found something you really liked, love maybe even, and you went all in. You studied, and now you're getting close to getting your hard working result. You will get your degree. You're ​done! YES!


But wait, so now you're almost done, what's going to happen next?

You didn't really focus on this, this life after your Phd, because your whole life was about going for that goal.

​Firstly, well done. Well done that you are almost done with your ​Phd, and well done that you start looking past the horizon of that result. Don't worry, the question "Now what?" is very natural and common. A lot of people have no clue what comes next. Travel? Take a break? Find a job? Study even more? And what kind of a job would that be? Or what study? How are you going to pay for traveling the world? There are SO MANY questions that are going through your mind now, that it can be overwhelming. You just don't know, because you have no idea how life after your Phd looks like!

This is why I made this article. To give you some guidance into the new life you're about to enter. Life is all about being prepared for the things you don't know that are coming. Now that's very ​simply ​put, but not very easy to do. Because what does it mean to be prepared for everything?

Be Prepared

To be prepared means you have to have an idea of the things that are going on in that life. Knowing what skills you need to be successful, what area's you can explore for your opportunities, setting new goals you want to achieve, making sure you understand how life looks like over there. Things you have to think of, make a plan for, so that when the time is there, you can execute it and you won't fall into an overwhelming black hole, that sucks you into a tsunami of choices to make you never thought of.

​So start thinking about these things:

  • What is going to be my next big move?
  • What do I need to do to make that happen?
  • What do I need to know to be as prepared as I can?
  • What are the risks I will have to manage?
  • How do I make a living?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • ​What does my social life look like?