​Let’s not get crazy and start at the beginning…

Are you always able to find and to create your own happiness? In any situation in your life? No? Of course not. Who is?

You get happy because stuff happens to you. Just like being unhappy is something you’re a victim of. Right?


You ARE able to find and create your happiness. Let me tell you how that works.

There are 5 sources of happiness. Love, effective communication, finding your masculinity of your femininity, your personal growth and finding your balance.

In every source of happiness there are tools you can use. Skills you can learn. How do you find the love of your life? How do you nail that corporate presentation? How do you grow confident as a man or how do you manage your emotions as a strong woman? How do you learn to philosophize? How do you balance your personal time and the time you spend with others?

Skills like this are the tools I can help you with. On a personal level we dive into your specific situation and question(s) you have. We’ll nail it down and get it into your system so you will learn your tools and create your own happiness in any moment of your life.

I created a special 7-week program for this. Did you know us human can change our behavior in 6 to 7 weeks?

In this 7 week program, called: “Get your shit together in 7 weeks”, I will take you on a personal journey for your growth.

The program goes through these 7 steps:

Step 1: Identify.

Who are you? What motivates you? Hoe do you perceive life? Wat are your strengths and where do you want to improve? In this first step we will get to know each other and make it very clear where your growth targets are. On what area, at what source, do we have to begin? We conduct a plan together and will work from there in the next steps.

Timeframe: about 2 hours

Step 2: Build the foundation

Every house is built on a foundation. So it won’t collapse. It can be the most precious house, if there is no foundation, it will go down with the first rain falling down. So we have to start with the basis. The basis starts with the source. We are going to have a conversation on how we are going to build the right tools per source that is needed. Only you can decide which tools you need to find and create your own happiness. No one else but you can do that. We’ll start with one source and one tool. In the next weeks we are going to focus on that to excel on that. You will see by the way, that while getting a skill in one source of happiness, you will also see other areas where you will develop. Free of charge! ?

Timeframe: about 4 hours

Step 3: The Tool

In the previous step we did the tool selection. And that’s what we’ll start working with. Depending on the source and the chosen tool, we are going to work in practical situations to train your tool for happiness. What boundaries do you have to cross? What new properties do you have to develop for yourself? Based on practical situations, that will be developed tailor-made for you, you will get your lessons learned. That can be located anywhere in the Netherlands. In a city, the countryside, in nature, on the street market. Nothing is impossible. Expect nothing, be prepared for anything.

Timeframe: about 4 hours.

Step 4: Apprentice

You’re fully committed now. Your mindset is starting to change. Your vision has been changed. Your habits are having a breakthrough and support your vision. You are a true apprentice and accept the change you’re going through. Every week you get a little closer to your goal, every week you get to be a better person. People are reacting differently to you and they can see the change happening in your eyes. We shift to the next gear and go a level deeper into your mindset. With a special practice, that again will be selected fully tailor-made, you make your progress through your apprenticeship.

Timeframe: about 4 hours

Step 5: Mental overview

It’s time for a mental overview. We’ll have a conversation. In a relaxed environment, we will talk about your experiences the last couple of weeks. You are now a month under way and you will notice some changes. What does it do to you? What else are you learning? Where else do you see improvement on yourself? Also, you will receive our feedback to make sure you will get the right tools in hand to keep working.

Timeframe: about 2 hours

Step 6: Mental framework

You will notice the change is settling in. There is a new mental framework in place that guides you in your day to day life. We shift up once more. A personal exercise to confirm what you already know and to discover what you not yet knew. Remember, you’re never done learning. The change has been integrated into your system and is now part of your personality. You’re own tool to find and create happiness within this source of happiness.

Timeframe: about 4 hours.

Step 7: Mastery

You and your Personality Coach will have a conversation. You have been working intensively the last couple of weeks. You have been working on your change non-stop. And you’ve reached your goal. You took your tool, implemented and mastered it. You own this tool now that you can use at any time in your life as your superpower. In the moments you feel like crap, are unhappy, you have this tool within your system to find and create your happiness.

You will discuss your experience, your learning moments, and during this conversation, you will get insights that you couldn’t foresee 6 weeks before this moment. The world has been enriched. You have grown rich.

Timeframe: about 2 hours.

It’s tailor-made. Exclusive and only for the man or woman that is absolutely sure about the fact they want to change this. You might be unsure about a lot of things in your life, but this is the step you need to take. Right now.

The options are almost endless.

Do you have any questions like this:

  • Do you lack in self-confidence?
  • Do you need a new personal style?
  • Do you need a new look?
  • Do you want to find the love of your life?
  • Or do you just want to have fun in that area?
  • Do you need an upgrade in your social skills?
  • Do you need to improve your public speaking skills?
  • Do you need to learn how body language can improve your life?
  • Do you want to discover the bad boy in your nice guy personality? (for him)
  • Do you want to find the woman in your masculine outlook? (for her)
  • Do you want to learn how to meditate?
  • Do you want to learn what leadership means?
  • Do you want to learn a new morning routine?
  • Do you want to change a bad habit?

If you’ve said yes to at least one of these questions, you need to contact me so we can work on that.

Start by changing today and make a decision. To change it’s not about the change, but about the decision to be willing to change. Then change will follow automatically.

Make that decision now. 

Stop dreaming.

Stop thinking.

Stop procrastinating.

Act now.

​Get Your Shit Together!

Not sure yet? Read these testimonials from previous clients.


​I contacted Maurice Zondag from ​Master Your Personality in order to improve my communication skills, body language and understand better how to become a happier individual. Of course a key objective was also to better communicate my intentions to women. Maurice can teach you immediately applicable techniques in all the above areas. His techniques have immediate impact and in a few days can be well mastered. I highly recommend Maurice Zondag as a personality coach.


​My conversations with Maurice are very inspiring. He asks the right questions and shows you a mirror. From his own experience and based on a well-founded model he contributed to my personal growth. Not only the inspiration but the hands-on approach and putting it into practice is an aspect I find very important. The personal approach and one on one conversations proved very valuable for me.

​​So, act now and start your new life today!

​It’s your life. It’s your choice. 

“So what is your price for all of this?”  I hear you. 

You will get Personal Coaching. The time we spend on ‘you’ is completely exclusive for you. You will get the best form of support we can offer. We will work for 7 weeks with you and in those 7 weeks, you will go through a life changing transition.

The time we spend is over 22 hours within 7 weeks. This sort of time spend on you personally, could cost tens of thousands euros. Some coaches charge over 500(!) euros an hour, because they want to remain ‘exclusive’. We don’t work like that. I keep my rate within the reason. So anyone can afford this. Therefore, I can offer this 7 weeks, 22 hours of coaching program for a shockingly low price of only € 2.900,-!

​You may pay it also in two terms of € 1.500,- ​.

You also may be invited to one of our seminars, for free, as a VIP guest. Every month I will randomly pick one of you to come to the next seminar. So you’ll make a chance of winning this special VIP treatment too.

Still, I understand € 2.900,- can be a lot of money for some of you. Of course, you could decide not to do this and go on a vacation ‘you so need to have’, or buy that awesome flat-screen TV. Sure. But remember, buying stuff makes money worth less. Investing in your knowledge and your life, you end up richer than before. So invest in yourself and you will gain from that the rest op your life!

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So start making a change now and Get Your Shit Together.

If you want special tailor-made coaching, like having a full style makeover in one day or several coaching sessions specifically made for you, please contact me too to make you a tailor-made offer based on your wishes. Rates go from 1.500 for one single day or less if there are more days needed. Same goes for hourly tariffs.

Skype coaching is also available! Contact me for more information about this unique online coaching experience!