We are not a medical institution or provide any health claims. We do not execute, fund or sponsor any scientific research. Always contact your physician before you start using any dietary change for body composition improvement. We are not responsible for your achievements. Any weight loss is dependent on your actions daily. We provide you tools to use that proven for individuals to effectively change their body composition. This program and it’s products is not a weight loss guarantee. They provide you with science based knowledge that will change your biology, hormone regulation and metabolism. The results may vary per person, and the successes mentioned may not be representative for you. If you don’t use the tools provided results will vary. The program is focused on a lifestyle change that follows the ketogenic diet and it’s scientific research. If you’re suffering any disease that involves taking medicine, we do not recommend to follow our program without consulting your doctor. The ketogenic diet is not suitable for everyone. If you suffer from diabetics type I this program may not be used, because of the added exogenous ketones supplement provided during the program. Maurice Zondag is an independent promoter of Prüvit that provides the exogenous ketones and can not be hold responsible for any negative side effects (mentally or physically). The program is designed based on scientific research and provides the best possible combination of supplements. If you do not follow the given instructions, you can harm your body, feel fatigued, headache, numbness, or flu symptoms (known as ‘keto-flu’). If you change the amount you take in always consult with your coach and your doctor. All examples given from previous results of others are provided by these users themselves. We cannot be held responsible for any claims they give. From our own experience we see these results on a daily basis therefor we have not reason to believe they falsify these claims. When you sign up for the program you have read and understood these disclaimers and acknowledge you are always responsible for your own decisions to participate in the semi-ketogenic lifestyle and the suggested supplements.