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We all know the phrase ‘clothes make the man’ and that’s the hard truth. I see it all the time. A study showed it too that that is actually the case!

As a personality coach I see a lot of (particularly) men that struggle with their style and / or their image. They wear clothes that are old and fatigued, shrunken and not fitting right. When did you go out and bought a nice fitting suit? Or buying some cool shoes that got you women to compliment you on?

How others perceive you before they get to know you is all about the package. It is one of the success factors of Apple. They created a ‘wow factor’ around their products by making the unpacking an experience as well.

And that should be the same for men, the wow-factor is what you want people to have when they meet you. To be noticed. On the street, in the office, even at home.

But how do you upgrade your image? Your style? Go shopping with your wife? Your girlfriend? Your mom? Please!! Let me intervene here. With all the best interest of the precious ladies in our lives, they haven’t helped you so far did they? It’s time for a professional.

That is where I can help. We will go over your current style and see where the upgrade needs to take place. We go to a premium store where they sell the clothes that really fit you. We’ll make an assessment on your style (casual, business, sportive, creative, etc.), colors, accessories, and then find the right clothing that emphasizes your full potential!

With the right adjustments it takes only a couple of things to transfer you from Mr. Cellophane to Mr. Wow!

Contact me to make a first audit on your situation and to get out to fix it!

Here is an example of one of my clients. An expat living in the Netherlands was stuck in his style when he had left home many years ago. Never been taught what to look for and how to build his style.

We took him to a great clothing store for men and fixed him up pretty well. First in a sports coat and casual pants.

And since he works in an office and has to look the best for receiving guests from all over the world, we got him a great suit, tie, shoes and to finish it off: a white pocket square for that little extra possess!

He now is the best dressed man in the office. Women notice him on the streets. He feels far more confident and it “changed his life” as he told me the other day. Pretty amazing you can achieve that with the right clothing right? It’s actual true.

And this could be you too. So go make a change.Contact me and make the change now. You’ll take it with you for the rest of your life!