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How I do it

a few months ago
How I do it

"How I do it" is a massive value-packed video program where you will learn things to make the shift in your life that matters. By going over the practical things you can do today to make a better tomorrow. Design your life, create it, and live it.

It is the way I do it. How I do this every day and created the life of my dreams. Where I can do anything my heart desires.

Now, don't you want that?


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€34.19 (tax)
Total: €197.00
Maurice Zondag

About the Author

Maurice Zondag

Maurice is the founder of Master Your Personality and originator of the concept of "The 5 Sources of Happiness". He coaches and trains people on how to take control in their happiness, find the love of your life and stage performance like public speaking and acting.

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