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Master Your Personality Academy

Welcome to our Master Your Personality Academy! Here we provide different classes, courses and workshops you can participate in. Just take a look at the different options we have lined up for you!

​Personal One on One coaching & training

Dating for introverts

​T​he dating world is nowadays so much about being the outgoing type. But what if you’re an introvert? ​We will teach you how to be the most attractive man in the room and still remain who you are. James Bond dating skills.

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Public Speaking Mastery

​Public Speaking is one of our superpowers that will make you even more successful than you already are. Here you learn how you can master the skills of public speaking, stage performance and networking/pitching!

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​Find your Style & Image

​Clothing makes the man! So what do you want to portrait with your style? What image do you want to portrait? As a personality coach I can help you find and create the style & image that shows who you really are!

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​GYST in
7 weeks

Get Your Shit Together (GYST) is an intensive program where you will tranfsorm yourself within 7 weeks into new habits. ​You are the architect of your life! Let ​us help you design the life you want! How to make the ‘right’ decisions, learn to find and create your happiness and take control over your life, so you can not only be who you want to be, but be who you really are!

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Online video ​courses

​We're currently developing different online video courses. You can pre-subscribe to these courses, so when they are launched you will be notified and can start to enter the course (no financial obligation when you subscribe!)

​Have women seduce you

​Talk like a TED Speaker

​Build your confidence

​Build abundance in your life