Master Your Personality Academy - Master Your Personality

Welcome to our Master Your Personality Academy! Here we provide online ​classes, courses and workshops you can participate in. Just take a look at the different options we have lined up for you!

They revolve around the 5 sources of happiness I've talked about in my TEDx Talk. What source do you want to improve?

​​Find your source of happiness you want to improve on

​Love​ & Relationships

​Love is what life is about. We want to give love, be loved, and find the love of our life. But HOW do you do that? Is it getting lucky? We show you how  you can learn the secret of courtship, flirting, seduction and how you can build the loving relationship you've always desired.

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​Effecti​ve Communication

​Public Speaking is one of our superpowers that will make you even more successful than you already are. Here you learn how you can master the skills of public speaking, stage performance and ​effective communication that helps you become more successful.

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Masculinity & Femininity

​​We are men or women, but what does that mean in modern society? How do you own your masculinity without becoming a dictating jerk. And how do you feel your femininity without losing your strength and independence life style?

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​​Personal Growth

​If it doesn't grow, it's dead. It's one of the laws of nature. And so goes for us. Our brain, personality, our life evolves. How do you make sure you keep growing your life so you will invest in your future self and benefit from it in the present? 

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Search for Balance

​Balance is one of nature other laws. Nature is always searching for balance. And so are we. But we're never ín balance, we are constantly searching for balance, like a circus artist that balances on a rope. 

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