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5 Mistakes Coaches Make

​In these days where 'self help' has never been this big, coaches pop up everywhere. We see a wilderness of people that call themselves a coach. ​It is great so many people want to help others, by coaching them, but there are a lot of people out there that just can't deliver. It can save you a lot of ​time, money and effort. Things you don't want to waste if you want to solve something.

So I want you to be sure to watch out for these 5 mistakes a lot of coaches make, that is crucial for you to find out even before they start coaching you. A lot of these mistakes are easy to recognize, so make sure you look out for this:

​Mistake 1: They don't give (read more...)

​Mistake ​2: They coach by hear say (read more...)

​Mistake ​3: ​They ​turn every story to ​be about themselves (read more...)

​Mistake ​4: ​They know, but really don't know (read more...)

​Mistake ​5: They are afraid to push your buttons (read more...)