‘Arigatō okane’ is a Japanese financial concept I recently learned from one of my mentors Ken Honda, that kind of surprised me. And most of all, why that should work.

Arigatō okane. Or “Thank you Money”, it’s what it means in Japanese.

Thank money? wtf, right?

Why on earth should I thank money, and how is that improving my financial situation?

The concept is easy. Every time you receive money AND when you spend money, you say (out loud or in your head) “Thank You Money”.

That’s it.

Now, I’ve been doing this for the past half-year, and I must say, some interesting things did happen.

While showing gratitude for the money I was able to spend and was able to receive, I for starters felt a lot better about spending my money – even when it was on things like taxes or other obligatory stuff.

You know, it made me realize, that when I pay my taxes, that is a contribution to my community, my country. So we can all have a good life. Why would I dislike that?

When I pay my groceries and the total amount surprised me, I felt privileged that, although it was more than expected, I could still buy it. And that I got all these products that had such a value. All the hands that has touched the products in the process to get from where it started into my shopping bag.

And of course, I changed the way I looked at the money I received. With more intention, gratitude, and appreciation.

Thanking my money both on the way in and the way out, made me more aware of the blessing I have to even be able to receive and spend it.

So, thank you money. Arigato.

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