Don’t you just love it, that when you gotten advice on something you just feel it can’t be right… but can’t prove it yet. Until you can?

Well, that has recently happened with me.

I’ve been single for quite a while. Dated great, awesome and beautiful women, some longer than others, but in the end it never lasted. Either by my choice or theirs.

So, I got advice from other people. Most of them had a relationship when that advice came.

“You shouldn’t be so picky!”
“You with your list… you’re missing out.”
“Nobody is perfect, so why look for the perfect girl. You’re not perfect…”
ouch, yeah, friends can be honest haha.

I know I’m not perfect. And yes I do have a list. A list of things I’ve learned over the years of things I don’t want in a woman, and things I do want in a woman.

Do you know why? Because that way, I know EXACTLY what I’m looking for. So no, I am not missing out. I’m learning.

Why be okay with what I don’t truly want?

I guess it’s a bit in our culture. You should be happy with what you’ve got. Why always strive for more?

And yes, I am happy with what I have. On so many levels. But with Love, I WANT it to be perfect. What’s the point if it’s not?

Love is so essential. So foundational of life. And I want my life to be as close to perfect as it can be. That’s what I strive for every day.

And so are you. Otherwise you’d always be happy. Anytime you are feeling agitated, irritated, disappointed, are all signals you didn’t get what you truly desired, in order to live your perfect life.

So it’s very natural.

Especially with Love.

How incredible is it, when I now prove these ‘love specialists’ wrong?

I know, It’s not to prove them wrong, but that’s just a nice side effect.

Because that feeling of perfect love, is the best feeling of the world. I can tell you that.

That feeling that when you look into her eyes, you know you are meant to be for each other. Willing to climb every mountain or swim every ocean to be with her. That feeling can’t be explained unless you’ve experienced it.

And I truly hope you know that feeling.

If not, then take my advice – as a professional and someone that is living that life now: DO NOT settle for less than you desire.

It’s just not worth it.

If you settle for less, THEN you are missing out. Missing out the chance to experience deeply connected love.

Now who doesn’t want to experience that?

Anyone that says it’s not possible, or you’re too picky or critical: that is their experience and fear talking. They for sure NEVER felt the feeling I described before. They might even be scared to never be loved, so they take mediocrity for granted.

Know you are worthy to be loved. Trust it will come. Believe it will happen, and keep your eyes open. She will show up, at a moment or place you least expect it.

Just like I did.

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