I found there’s an easy way to never be insecure again.

That’s right, to always be confident.

Want to know how to do that? Then keep reading…

It’s a technique I actually started using when I was exploring the dating scene. Because, we all know, women love men who show confidence. Right?

I actually believe it is one of the 7 traits in the mindset of an attractive man (also the title of my latest eBook – more info on how to get your copy, see below).

Confidence IS attractive to a lot of people. It shows leadership, strength, and it primes us to listen to someone that shows confidence. So it has a big social effect.

But, how do you become confident, if that’s not your natural way to go in life?


Confidence is about knowing you’re good at something, right? When you KNOW you can handle that situation, whatever it is, you are confident about it. You do not worry about the result, because you know what the result will be. You will nail it.

So it’s highly connected to our comfort zone. You can be confident in your job because you KNOW you’re good at what you do. You can be confident about a game you play, a sports you practice. Or when going out meeting women.

So, the easy answer is: be good at stuff and you’ll be more often confident.

Well, that’s not the whole answer, because what about all the things you’re not good at?

In short, there are two options.

You are good at A, but not at B. So you’re confident when A is happening, not so much when B is going on.

This is where the trick comes to play.


That’s it. Decide.

Decide what?

Decide what you want to DO. Are you going to learn B, so you can be confident because you nail it, OR, do you ACCEPT that you’re not good at B, because it has no priority or value to you.

Either way, you will be Confident. KNOWING you’re not good with something AND Being Okay with that, also gives you the feeling of confidence. Because, you know the outcome. You’re not going to nail it, and that’s totally fine.

Easy right?

Just be okay with it, or if you do value it or prioritize it, you’ll learn it. So you still can be confident.

If you apply this to everything in your life, you’re never insecure anymore.

And therefore, you just have become confident. Not just when A happens, but always. Because you know the outcome.

Women be warned. Confident men are on their way 🙂

I go more indept about this in my eBook ‘The 7 traits of an attractive man’, which, if you are curious, you can download right here. It’s 7 practical to use mindset shifts that will change your dating life forever. So be warned, you might end up with the love of your life…

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