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Why Health is our True Ally

a couple of weeks ago

If there is 1 thing we can learn from the past 18 months, is that health is pretty darn important.

Health is literally the source of life.

Let’s talk some numbers:

Did you know more people in the past 20 years died from bad health than did from wars and terrorist attacks?

For the past 20 YEARS around 2.5 million people died in wars worldwide. If you count the ‘war on terror’ in, its around 3.7 million.

Not that’s a lot.

At the other hand, 2.8 million people die EVEYR YEAR of overweight related illnesses.

And last year 2.7 million on Corona. Those two only combined are 5,500,000 people. In one year – against the 3.7 in 20 years…

Check the diagram to put things in perspective.

War, set of to a 1 year round of casualties is just 3% if you compare it with these 2 diseases.

And we haven’t even taken cancer into account.

So let’s be realistic here for a moment. Our biggest fear shouldn’t be terrorist attacks, but your own body killing you.

And that’s a good thing!


Because you can do something about it yourself!

You can’t stop a war… but you can create a better health.

It’s no use to worry about things you can’t change. Because you can’t change them.

It’s also no use to worry about things you CAN change, because you can change them.

So, are you overweight, like 50% of people in the ‘western world’?

And you want to be healthier?

Send me a DM and I will guide you to a solution that let me lose 30lbs in 3 months.

Take matter into your own hands. Living life, starts with your own health.


DM me.

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