Question: Do you believe, that when you believe you’re ugly, you’re going to attract a hot model to date you?

Or when you believe you don’t earn a promotion, your boss will just give it to you?

Or when you believe you can never run more than 5 km, you can ever run a marathon?

Or when you believe you’re not good enough, you ever get what you dream of?


You don’t.

Our belief system helps us achieve what we want and what we don’t want.

It’s actually a fascinating mechanism. First, you think it, then you do it. When your mindset its focus on something, it will start seeing the ‘signs’ to prove your right.

With everything you think. Positive AND negative.

Your actions will follow your thoughts, so if you believe you can’t run 5k, would you ignore that and still start running every day building up from 100 meters to 42km? No, because your mind told you you can’t, so your actions will follow that statement.

We manifest everything in our life like that. With what we believe. In ourselves, or what could happen. Your mind gets drawn into providing evidence, so your actions can follow.

So when you change your beliefs, you can change your life. It’s that simple.

Not easy, but yet simple.

The beliefs that are withholding you from what you (secretly) desire, is what we call limiting beliefs. They limit you to get what you want.

So whatever it is what you want, and it really DOESN’T matters what that is, change the way your beliefs around that and you can change the results you get.

I’ve seen that happen in my own life so often. I changed my beliefs from not being able to run more than a 100m into I could run 10km, so I did.

I changed my belief that I’m not ‘good with women’ into I know I am, and so I became a dating coach.

So what is your limiting belief that is holding you back? What would you LIKE to believe?

Share it in the comments to show everyone else they’re not alone in this!

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