How do you overcome the fear of rejection?

The simple answer, you don’t.

There’s always going to be this little voice coming from your ego that isn’t happy with any rejection.

And that’s totally fine. The question is really, how do you manage the fear of being rejected.

Because when the fear takes the upper hand, it will make you not taking any action.

And that goes for everything. Not only being rejected by the woman of your dreams (so you think), but also for a job interview. Friendships. Or any other social event where people will value you and you value the opinion of others.

Being afraid to be rejected comes from two things.

  1. You value the opinion of the other on such a level you let it determine your self worth
  2. You are outcome dependant.

What do I mean by that?

If you value the opinion of others, that’s fine. What’s not fine is when you let it determine how you feel about yourself. Their opinion, or let’s call it feedback, is just 1 opinion from someone who doesn’t know the bigger picture. It’s their perception of you from their perspective. And that’s by far not more valuable than your own perception and perspective.

They don’t know you the way you know yourself. With all your qualities, thoughts and decisions you have in you. So them rejecting you, says more about themselves than it does about you.

Never let anyone make you feel rejected based on just their own perceived truth. You know better than they do and for that, it is impossible to value their opinion to such an end it makes you value yourself.

2: you are outcome dependant. You are not afraid to be rejected, you are afraid the outcome you NEED is not going to happen. If you wouldn’t care about the outcome, you wouldn’t be afraid to have the outcome of you being rejected.

So, what would happen if the outcome is not what you wanted, or needed? Nothing. The outcome is just different. That’s it.

When you don’t hang up on any outcome, you will never feel rejected again, disappointed or stressed. It’s that simple ?

Oh and yes, simple and easy are two different things…

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