I have been asking this question a lot. How do you become successful?

And let’s skip the definition and questioning what success is, because I have discovered that these three things will always prevent you from becoming successful, not matter what.

If you recognize one of these, let me know in the comments.

When you are able to fix these, you increase your chances so hugely, that it will create a snowball effect.

So. Here they are.

  1. Thinking you’re not able to achieve it because you failed in the past
  2. Fear
  3. Only dream, think or learn.

Let’s dive into these three.

Thinking you’re not able to achieve it because you failed in the past. This is so common. I hear probably every day someone saying to me, “I can’t do that, I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work”. Well, if you think (and say) you can’t, you’re right. But thinking that your past results have anything to do with what you CAN achieve in the future, is just not true. Sometimes (actually often) we have to go through a learning curve. You only fail when you stop trying.

And failure is subjective. Because you didn’t fail, you just got a result that was different than you planned.

When you use that way of looking at things, you will never fail again. You want a different result? Then change something and do it again. And again. And again. Until you succeed.

Fear. Ah, fear, yes, a BIG one on not achieving any success. The real problem is that often we don’t even know we are afraid of the success. Or of the things we need to do. Fear is protecting us all the time, every day. But fear can be fought by courage and trust. Even when the fear is hidden in our unconscious mind.

Often success is for us a goal we have set. Make a certain amount of money. Having the best-looking girl in the world as your wife. Have a certain career. If we reach that, we are successful.

But what if you achieve that? What if you become a millionaire? Or a supermodel falls in love with you? Or you become the General Manager of Fortune 500 company? Then what?

And this is a weird kind of fear, but a very true one. We keep ourselves from achieving the goal, because the goal make us alive to keep doing things.

So, do not focus on those goals, but focus on the moment you’re in and enjoy that.

Robin Sharma says is perfect. Your day is your life in miniature. So if you have a happy day, every day from now on, you will have a happy life.

If you see yourself already as successful (be grateful for what you’ve already achieved), you have a successful life.

Nothing wrong with audacious goals by the way. I love them. I have them. But they will not keep me from feeling successful.

Only dream, think or learn.

Also something many people fall into. They dream of the life they could have, make plans, and tell the whole world about them. But they never initiate any action.

Or they think they need more knowledge. So they start learning about it. And keep learning about it. Without the steps of doing.

You can only become successful, if you start doing. Yes you might discover you don’t know enough yet, but then you can learn again. Get a coach, or a mentor that is already there for what you want to achieve. But you HAVE TO start DOING.

So yes, learning you should do, but don’t forget to act. And be courageous. And don’t let anyone tell you you can’t (including you yourself!).

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