So, the pandemic is finally moving towards a new old normal. Finally!
And how many Corona kilo’s or pounds did you gain?
It is a serious question. Because, although you might survive the Corona pandemic and maybe even didn’t get sick at all – not even the flu – this doesn’t mean the risk is over.
And I’m NOT talking about another new C-wave.
It’s far more serious, just not something you will die off today (probably).
Overweight is the real, long-term pandemic.
Since the 60s people have grown bigger and bigger, just not in length but in weight. 50% of the western population has overweight (from slightly to morbid obese).
Me included.
And that is a problem.
There are some serious illnesses out there that are directly related to overweight. Diabetes type 2, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease even different forms of cancer.
There are studies that shown that populations that aren’t affected by the western lifestyle (or mostly our eating style) have none of these diseases. But once we introduce our ‘wisdom and wealth’, these diseases start to occur there too.
The interesting thing, is that when you are overweight, is that it’s not just the long-term effects that are there (like a time bomb waiting to go off), but also short-term issues you might recognize that you probably think are normal, but actually are not.
– Fatigue or sleepiness after dinner (isn’t food supposed to deliver energy?)- Bad sleeping- Headaches- decreased sexual performance- decrease of testosterone and increase of estrogen (hormonal imbalance)- bad skin- decrease in eyesight- painful joints- chronic issues with digestion
and the list goes on.
They are all connected to our overweight and our bad choice in food we eat.
We have unlearned what is good for us, because there are compelling businesses that tell you exactly what you want and actually use your biology to get you addicted to their food (don’t even start on sugar!).
Now, let me be clear, it is not your fault if you don’t know what you’re doing is wrong.
But now you know, so from now on it is ?
No, kidding of course, because it’s not that simple to change. And trust me, I know what I’m talking about.
Last year I lost 30lbs in 3 months. But since January I gained back almost 20, because I wasn’t paying attention anymore and got back into old habits.
But no longer!
A couple of weeks I decided to pick up my new behavior again and use the tools I know that work (for me that is following a low-carb food pattern and regular intermittent fasting) to turn my body into a fat-burning machine, instead of a carb-reliant-not-caring system.
Because I DO care. I do want to love a 103. So I need to transform my body into a vehicle that will take me there.
So let’s fight the hidden pandemic.
And let me help you if you want to. We can do it together.
Contact me if you’re interested.
Just like with the C-pandemic, we can do it, together!

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