Since I got divorced in 2012 I have been single a great deal of that time. In the early days particular.

So not single by choice, but by default.

I just didn’t know how to get a girlfriend.

How to talk to her, without being rejected, not making a fool of myself.

A good 9 years ahead in time and I am in a relationship with the woman I can grow old with, with everything my heart desires.

So what happened there?

I did what I’m going to advice to you, the single man reading this too.




There. That’s the advice. Simple right? Just get a coach, and you’ll find the woman of your dreams, have a family and lots of sex.

Well, yes and no.

Of course it’s not that simple. I mean in the end you’ve got to do the work.

But I just want to emphazise, that when you’re single, and you want a relationship, but you have NO CLUE what to do, you need a coach who can help you with that. Who can teach you what you need to change in your methods, mindset and behaviour to become the most attractive version of you, and create an abundance of female attention.

Sure, you can watch videos on day- or night-game, read some books maybe and get inspired, but you need someone to hold you accountable. Who is able to pinpoint exactly to what you’re doing wrong and what you should do next. Someone who can show you the way, have all the knowledge combined, and adjust it to your needs.

Since I’ve started coaching men on this subject, it has been such a blast to see the change in these men. They gained confidence, changed their mindset and didn’t only improved in their love life, but gained benefits on many other levels. Career-wise, having a great social life, improved their health, and live a far more happier life then before.

Because our skills on this area of life affects us in how we view the world, ourselves in it and what we can do for the world.

So having a dating coach that is not just showing you tricks (that’s only working short term), you need some one who makes you better at who you are, if you understand what I mean.

Needles to say, that if you want that, I’m here to help, because that is what I do. I help you improve your life, and I love the seduction subject as a great kick starter to make that shift.

Your future girlfriend will thank you for making that step.

Get a coach. That is the best advice there is for any man that needs to make a shift in his life.

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