They say healthy food is expensive.

“So that’s why I don’t eat healthy. I just don’t have the money for it.”

I thought this too.

But that’s just not true.

Because of two things:

  1. Healthy food isn’t expensive if you shop wise.
  2. Expensive is a value label. So it’s how I perceive something.
  3. as a bonus: this perception is based on instant gratification. Thinking long term, saving this part of your budget is the stupidest thing you could do.

Okay, I’ll help you with 1 first.

You can do you groceries wiser if this is your belief. Most healthy food is daily fresh. Therefor, the store can’t have bulk in stock. So instead of doing your groceries early in the day, use their scarcity in your advantage. Do your shopping at the final hour before closing time. Often these fresh healthy products are going away cheaper with a discount. And since it’s fresh, you can either eat it the same day, keep it in your own fridge for the next day, or sometimes you can even put it in your freezer for later in the week.

Or use regular discounts. Only buy salmon when it’s on discount. Or buy 3 for 2. Your freezer is your friend.

Number 2 is an interesting one. Something being expensive is a value we label on the product. Is it expensive or is it a lot of money? The problem is not that healthy food is expensive, the problem is that unhealthy food is so damn cheap. So that has become the standard.

But in the end it’s just how you perceive it. Maybe the cheap food will give you a cost benefit now, but let’s think long term. What if you get sick? Like, really sick? And can’t work anymore? How much did you safe then, to jeopardize your health?

So, eating the right food, isn’t about instant gratification. It’s not a sprint race. It’s a marathon. It’s the building blocks you’re putting in your body that will help you not only live day to day, but keep living as long as it can. That’s the quality you pay extra for when you buy healthy food. And that’s what you’re doing yourself short if you want to save on food by buying cheap, unhealthy food. You may think you win now, but in the end, you lose.

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