3 tips to be more focussed:

Want to be more focussed during the day? Have to nail that project? Well than this is for you. Here are 3 tips you can do to increase your focus. In a healthy way!

Tip 1: Use caffeine the right way.

Caffeine doesn’t make you more focussed. It may look like it does, but it actually blocks your “I’m tired” signal. Can be helpful to wake up faster, but if you need coffee the whole day to be focussed, there might be a underlaying problem there.

Tip 2: No energy drink but a ketone supplement

Energy drinks are mostly filled with sugar and caffeine. Quick energy and blocking the fatigue. Sure. But it is more sustainable to use a ketones drink. Ketones are the primary and preferred fuel for the brain. If the brain has a choice, it will always take ketones over glucose. So even if you’re not following a ketogenic diet or do intermittent fasting, you can still have the benefits of ketones, by drinking a ketone supplement like Prüvit. Next to the benefit of focus, you improve your metabolism, wont feel hungry and even slow down the aging process.

Tip 3: Get rid of to do lists.

Wait what? But how do I know what to do? Simple. The to do list has no structure. So you just do what you have to do until something else comes up to do that. And most of the times, you can’t check them off because your planning didn’t make it work. And a non finished to do list is stressful!

So instead of using a to do list, schedule everything. Make your calendar your to do list. When you plan, you create peace. You know what to do, in what time. And when you need longer, you need to improve your planning skills. They will in time. You’ve set a certain time to do one thing and therefor create focus. Easy as that.

So plan EVERYTHING. Also relaxing time, Facebook time, Netflix time, family time, sleep time.

Which one of these 3 are you already doing?

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