A birthday is a good reminder you’re alive. Today I turned 48, and as with every birthday this feeling of ‘getting old’ creeps up.

Did you realize you’ve never been this old as you are today? No matter how old in years, months, days, every day you get a bit older.

You know I love the abundance mindset. But there is one thing in life that is only getting less every day, and that is time you have left to spend in this life.

But still the mindset we try is abundance. We don’t think it will be over soon, we hope it will last. But that makes us do also stupid things.

Like not going for what you really want.

Scarcity CAN be a good thing. Because it drives you to action.

Yes, live in the moment is important, because that is where the experience is happening. Remember the past so you can learn from your mistakes (don’t be discouraged though, results in the past are never a promise for the future – also with the things you didn’t succeed at). And plan for the future so you can set goals, make plans and GOT something to execute on, to experience in the present.

The true reason for a birthday for many is to celebrate you made it this far. And it should be like that. Celebrate that everyday!

And we ‘feel old’ all of a sudden because our danger seeking mind is reminding us it isn’t going to last forever.

So, if not doing this every single day, use the celebration of your birthday to get clear what you REALLY want your life to be.

You can change it you know.

Not happy with your single status? Study, learn, practice, fail, learn more and find the love of your life.

Not happy with your job? What would make you happy in your work and go after that. It’s never too late and you’re never too old to quit and start over.

Not happy with your health? Study, learn, be inspired, make a plan and execute on it. It’s never too late. Okay, the best time to have started may be 20 years ago, but the second best time to execute is today.

Change what you don’t like.

Do you have the feeling that you can’t change because others are responsible for your current life? Or ‘life just hit you with a curve ball’?

There is always a choice, and doing nothing is also a choice. Change what you can change, accept what you can’t.

Getting old is a blessing. But it makes it far more fun if you do it while enjoying it.

So enjoy every day. Celebrate every time you wake up again in the morning. Be grateful for what you have – even if it’s hard right now what you have – it will make you drive into change eventually.

Have a wonderful time, I know I will.

I have made some drastically changes lately that I will share with you very soon, hoping to inspire you to follow your heart and intuition.

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes, I love you all!

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