You know what it takes to be a man?

Being a man in this day and age is interesting. Feminine power is on the rise (as it should be). Most men can learn a lot from that.

I see a lot of men struggling though in what it means to be a man. Often they think that means they have to be more dictating, controlling, selfish and aggressive. Because that is what the world tells us as typically masculine energy. We see that in politics, business executives, even the action heroes in movies are like that.

But is that really what we need? I beg to differ.

You know, masculine/feminine energy is not black or white. It’s not binary, 0 or 1. It’s a gliding scale.

So rather talking about ‘being masculine’ or being feminine, we need to talk about balance.

We all have both energies, it just varies in every person. Some have too much of one (like this former president), some have too much of the other (like I had).

Being a man means you will have more masculine traits. That’s your nature. It’s how it’s designed.

How much you use that both energies is totally up to you. But know, your nature defines a preference.

The problem occurs when you learn from young age on, that your natural energy is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. You must be kind, not aggressive. You must think of others first, it’s not all about you. You need approval first before you do something. You must be careful and don’t act too soon.

What would happen though if you would fight what you stand for? React from your instinct because imminent danger is there? Who would tell you what to do if no one would take the lead? How can you take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself first (the oxygen mask in an airplane principle)?

The world needs masculine energy, just as much it needs feminine energy. And when we, the 2 sexes, stay in our own domain primarily, the balance will restore.

Now don’t get me wrong, we need both parts. The ancient Chinese knew it. The i-ching symbol shows it exactly how it is. Within black we need a centred white, within the white, we need a centred black.

And in your natural energy field, it’s up to you how you implement these.

So being a man means an overall masculine energy, with a touch of femininity so you can care for your loved ones, so you can think before you act based on your intuition.

Just make sure the balance is there, because like it or not, we both need each other to make a balance work.

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