A lot of people ask me, since I am a coach that lets you find and create happiness, what the secret is to be happy.

Well, it’s not really a secret when I tell you, is it? But okay, we don’t have to make it more mysterious than it already is.

The secret to being happy is that there is no secret. We all know how to be happy.

Go figure. When was the last time you felt happy? What situation were you in? Who was or were with you? What were you doing?

Tell me in the comments what that was. That thing that makes you feel happy.

So we already know what makes us happy. We already know what to do that makes us happy.

The real question we should ask, is how can we create that same situation in such a way that we can summon it any time a day we want or desire a bit of happiness.

Let’s see what happens in a situation where you are happy.

Chances are you were doing something you really enjoy doing, feel confident about, in a place you know what to do. In other words, you were in your comfort zone. The well known zone where you feel safe, comfortable (hence the name), confident, secure and in control.

So the comfort zone is a place where we can feel happy. Even if going out of your comfort zone is what you love to do, that is in its own version part of your comfort zone ?.

So think about all the things that you would categorize as your comfort zone. Anything. That’s your option list you can choose from to get that feeling of happiness.

So let me share a couple of things of my comfort zone list.

  • Playing piano or guitar
  • Playing tennis with friends
  • Being around the woman I love
  • Being together with my family
  • Doing a talk on an event
  • Driving my car
  • Acting in a play
  • Coaching my clients
  • Reading at home

It’s just a small part of my complete list, but just to illustrate how easy it really is to find the things that make you happy, just sum up all things you really like or love. The things that are in your comfort zone.

So your comfort zone is a big happiness generator!

Now, if we want to create more happiness in our life, or more control over our happiness, what do you think we need to do?

Right. Increase our comfort zone.

That is why self-development is so important – and one of the sources of happiness.

Because with self-development we step into the learning zone, just outside our comfort zone. And by learning new skills or experiences, we grow our comfort zone into that learning zone. Which creates a new learning zone that used to be part of the scary Panic zone – right behind the learning zone.

If I am able to grow my comfort zone, I can actually create a bigger happiness list. So when shit hits the fan in my life, I got a massive list to cherry pick from with things that make me happy. To balance out the negative, unhappy shit in my life.

So the secret to a happy life, is that there is no secret, because you already know what that is. The key in life, to live a more happy life, is just to increase the list. The comfort zone.

And the way to do that, is what you’re doing exactly right now. By reading this. Learn. And there is so much to learn. For all of us. There is still more you don’t know than things you do know. So keep it up, so will I happily do too.


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