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No, this is not about my racing experience. Although that would be fun to do. Coaching how to speed.

No this was an event I was part of yesterday. Together with a couple of other coaches, people could speed-date with a coach.

The concept is rather brilliant. When you are looking for a coach, could be in any line of expertise, you can find them at an event like this. You can hear him or her talk about what they do, you get a feel of them, and if you like what you see, you can leave your email and name with them to contact you for an intake or one-on-one session.

The concept was developed by a good friend of mine, Johann Stan, and he organizes this types of events in the area of Den Haag. Yesterday’s event was facilitated by PDTalks, in Amsterdam and the fun thing is that people that come there are already in the right mindset to learn.

It’s so much fun meeting all these great people and see their eagerness to grow and develop themselves, that it made me wonder. This should be something we ALL should want. Finding a mentor or a coach to help you get where you want to go. To find someone that is already there where you want to go, and has been where you are now.

It’s one of the (many) wise lessons I’ve learned from Tony Robbins: Model successful people how they got there. Learn from the mistakes of others. The easiest way is by visiting an event like this and meeting the coaches and mentors in real life. Be specific in your desires, and focus on that. The result will amaze you.



PS: Interested? The next event will be May 24th in Den Haag, (the entry is even free of charge, so there’s no excuse not to come!) Check for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/192733424680361/ 

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