Ugh, it’s Monday morning… the alarm goes off way too early, work is waiting.  You feel the comfort of your bed, nice and warm, cozy, you turn around one more time and feel the sleeping desire behind your eyes. They do not want to accept it’s already a new day. The alarm goes off for the second time, and with a moan, you turn back to the alarm and switch it off.

The inevitable has to happen.

You drag yourself out of bed and start with your morning routine. You feel like crap. Your body hurts, it’s stiff, and when you look in the mirror, you see this person that looks like shit. Time for some magic.

After you fixed yourself up and walk out of your door, you feel you’re in a drag. It’s like groundhog day, remember that movie, with Bill Murray? Where he wakes up every day on the same day, where everything goes exactly the same?

Does this sound familiar? It’s the Monday Morning Blues. You have a jetlag from the weekend.

We call it routine. We wake up, get to work, do our job, come home, eat, have our time at home doing what you do, you go to bed, – repeat. Day in, day out. Until it’s weekend. Finally.

We love our routine, and we hate it.

We love it, because it gives us structure, and oh man, do we love structure and predictability. Predictability gets us certainty things will go a specific way, with no change. Because change is scary. But breaking the routine, doing something spontaneous, that gives us this new energy we also like! And often we say to ourselves, ‘we should do this more often!’. But nope, that’s not happening. Because it’s not safe, not predictable. And we love predictable.

It’s safe.

Fuck safe!

Safe is boring! Do you want to be boring? No, of course not!

So break out of that stupid pattern! Don’t just follow the routine because it is just there. Break the routine! Get up 30 minutes earlier and have a 20-minute walk outside before eating breakfast. Enjoy the smell of the dawn. Enjoy the chirping of the birds. I will guarantee you; you will have a whole different day. And while walking there, think of 5 things you are grateful for. Can be anything. Whatever it is you really love. Your family, your loved one, your kids, your home, your new Apple watch and being able to buy it, it doesn’t matter what it is. Think about it and be thankful you have it in your life.

Your day will be far more meaningful.

Why should you do this? Good question. Because today is NEVER coming back. Because time is the only thing that decreases in your life. You can increase anything in life. Money, health, people, stuff, but not time. So you better spend it wisely. And that starts with realizing you are wasting time. Everyday. So it better be worth it, right?

Have a great day!


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